What Are the Benefits of Celery for Men?

Rebecca Harkin

There are three benefits of celery for men. First, celery for men is able to increase male sexual capacity by improving erections and providing the vital minerals needed to maintain seminal fluid and the function of the prostate gland. Second, celery is similar to a natural energy bar or drink. It delivers lots of water per serving as well as essential minerals and nutrients that can rebuild the body after sexual intercourse or a strenuous fitness routine. Finally, celery for men may enhance the synthesis of the steroid androstenone, which gets released in perspiration as a pheromone and may act as a sexual attractant.

Celery can be consumed in its seed form.
Celery can be consumed in its seed form.

Celery is packed with an organic chemical calle, phthalide. This compound is capable of dilating, or opening, blood vessels by attenuating the muscles lining the walls of the blood vessels. Celery for men will improve circulation, which can have a direct impact on the ability to have and maintain an erection.

Celery root.
Celery root.

Also rich in many vitamins and minerals that act as antioxidants, celery promotes the production and quality of sperm and seminal fluid. Celery for men is a great way to maintain fertility. It is essential to eat a healthy diet to improve fertility, and celery is capable of delivery lots of nutrients in just one serving. Celery also contains a compound called coumarin that buffers cells against free radical destruction and mutations. Coumarin has been shown to attenuate the size of the prostate glands and seminal vesicles without altering the concentration of testosterone in the body.

Eating several stalks of celery after exercising can replenish energy levels.
Eating several stalks of celery after exercising can replenish energy levels.

One of the unique features of celery is that it has a high water content. After a hard workout or sexual intercourse, the body is often depleted of both water and essential nutrients, such as magnesium and potassium. Eating several stalks of celery following physical activity is almost like eating an energy bar or drinking a sports drink. Celery provides water and nutrients while being low infat and high in cholesterol-reducing and blood pressure–lowering compounds.

Celery is believed to have several nutrients that can enhance a man's ability to have an erection.
Celery is believed to have several nutrients that can enhance a man's ability to have an erection.

Androstenone is a steroid pheromone, a chemical that communicates via scent. Celery contains this steroid, and when large quantities of this vegetable are consumed, andostenone may be released in greater amounts through perspiration. Many claim that this particular steroid pheromone may help to attract women to men, but concrete scientific evidence of this phenomenon is weak.

Celery for men is able to increase male sexual capacity by improving erections and providing vital minerals for seminal fluid and prostate functioning.
Celery for men is able to increase male sexual capacity by improving erections and providing vital minerals for seminal fluid and prostate functioning.

There are many ways for a man to easily incorporate celery into his diet. Celery can be eaten raw, added to a salad, or used when cooking chicken or making soups. The seasoning, celery seed, can also be added to salads and meats. If celery is unpalatable, celery supplements are available at most health food stores.

Celery may improve prostate function.
Celery may improve prostate function.

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I find it funny that these days if 'scientists' can't seem to find irrefutable evidence of something, then humans are either too lazy or too incapable of believing something. Yet there are so many who, to this day, believe in the existence of a god of some kind.

I've always thought that attraction has a lot to do, (if not everything to do) with pheromones. It's the reason that no matter what kind of a 'type' a person is interested in, sub-consciously they may be turned on or attracted to something much different. It's why sex with some people can be so much better than with others, and why there can be a complete lack of stress or physical fault with some, regardless of experience, and an utter disaster with others.

In nature, animal breeding is all about pheromones. Why is it so hard to believe that it would be any different for humans? Just because some scientists cannot understand or measure exactly what attracts what and how they work?

The point is, while it may not make you a total chick magnet, and the media often tries to play the 'pheromone' word as some sort of a selling point or gimmick, I think the real answer is that sexual attraction, a change of blood pressure and many other things are attributed all to pheromones.

Putting all of this aside, celery is actually one vegetable that doesn't taste like trash and is incredibly easy to eat due to it having an actual solid fiber body, while still being mostly comprised of water. In addition to that, one can eat a lot and supercharge the body full of all the nutrients and vitamins that it contains without feeling sick. Vegetables like capsicum, lettuce and cauliflower, while also equally good for you, are either unable to be eaten easily in an unprocessed form, or still require a lot of trouble to prepare.

Even if you don't believe in the whole pheromone side of celery, you should eat it for the circulatory benefits and sexual benefits. A lot of people eat celery religiously before going out to bars or clubs. It also helps counter the effects that alcohol has on suppressing the sex drive, as well as the ability to get an erection. It won't stop you from getting drunk, but it will allow your body to be a lot more 'forgiving' so perhaps you won't embarrass yourself when it comes down to doing the deed.

My advice to everyone is to not discredit something just because scientists don't have sufficient evidence, or there isn't concrete proof.


From my experience, the celery is pretty much spot on (my experience being the key word).

I've notice my ex wife commenting about how I smelt after dropping off my son on Monday night. The weird thing was I was eating a pretty good portion of celery, broccoli and carrots the day before at the family's BBQ.

A week went by and I had my son once again, after dropping him off once more. She opened the rear door to take out our son and commented, "What’s that smell?" To make a long story short, my ex-wife and I have been separated for a year now and she can’t seem to say anything else but how I smelled and what not during out exchanging of parenting duty.

I know a lot of people will jump to the conclusion that she just probably misses me and is having nostalgic thoughts hence the repeated blabbing of me and how I smelt during our encounter.

Well, fast forward to my "recent life," I’ve been hitting the gym and taking care of myself better and eating healthy. Of course, my lady friend(s) would give me long hugs and won’t let go for what seems to be 1-2 minutes, while she whiffs at my shirt. On another occasion, I had another lady friend and I left my shirt in her car after leaving the gym to grab a late night bite before parting ways, She called me the next day and told me that she had slept with my shirt on and hoped it wasn’t weird or I wasn't upset.

Since April 2014, I have actually stopped using all my fancy cologne (Armani, Nautica, Polo, Burberry) and deodorant as well, but I do take a proper shower nonetheless. Hygiene is a must!

As crazy as it sounds I'm in awe as to why my ex-wife constantly brings up how I smell. Multiple women would hold on to me during hugs and yeah, smell me again? A woman wearing my shirt to sleep because she said it smelled great and it made her feel calm and comforted?

To be honest, I’m still confused! But hey, I still have over a dozen bottles of high end cologne and deodorant lying around but I’m sure I won’t be using them anymore, as women tend to like my sweatiness for some odd reason. I do not know why.

There’s something in sweat alone without a doubt, but added with celery I believe it does contribute to scent attraction and pheromones.

No, celery or sweat will not have you scoring chicks from left to right, but I believe it does have something extra to do with the chemistry in the body or brain but until more study can prove that it truly does, the celery/sweat thing is still considered a myth or a myth in study.

But if you ask me, do I personally think there’s certainly something going on? I was a cologne drenching individual who thought smelling all nice and proper would attract more women/female, but it seems like I’m better off jumping out the shower without it or deodorant -- just squeaky clean will do nicely, and women would be nose diving into my lightly sweated shirts.

I wonder if anyone can shine some light into this situation if they had experienced something similar. --Jimmy L


@anon312146: That is not what the attraction theory is saying. It is completely unreasonable to expect someone to fall head over heals based on pheromones. The thing is, pheromones can be odorless. When compounded with other factors such as physical attractiveness and voice and such, they are not a huge factor; however, they can add to it, and we can do nothing about it because it is in our primal nature. Do you like someone more when they smell good or bad? That's what I thought.


I don't buy the attraction benefits. As far as I know, there are no known scientific studies that women (or men, for that matter) feel more attracted to a person "spiced" with pheromones.

Attraction between people isn't based on smell alone. You don't go blindfolded into a room, sniff a little and fall for someone head over heels.


@ddljohn-- I haven't really paid attention to the attraction benefit of celery but it certainly helps with sexual performance.

The pheromone attraction theory makes sense to me though because I have read that attraction between people are completely based on the pheromones emitted through our sweat. Our brain recognizes certain pheromones and reacts to it and this is what we call attraction.

It can't hurt to try celery for this, can it?


I've never been much of a celery fan. I don't mind it in small amounts cooked in soups and stews but I can't bear it raw. It's too hard to chew and digest for me.

After finding out about its sexual advantages for men, however, I think it's worth a try. There are men who take medications for improved sexual performance that are dangerous and have negative side effects. It's much better to have something natural and safe like celery.

Also, does anyone know more about celery making men more attractive to women because of pheromones? Has anyone experienced something like this?


So do all parts of the celery plant-- the stalks, the root and the seeds contain all of the benefits mentioned here? Does it matter which I consume?

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