What are the Benefits of Castor Oil?

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Castor oil — which is extracted from the beans of a castor oil plant — is known to be beneficial for treating a variety of conditions. A rich source of antioxidants, castor oil may help to remove harmful toxins from the body. Castor oil has been used as a natural remedy for hundreds of years. It can be consumed orally to treat internal ailments, and can also be applied externally to the skin. Some of the benefits of castor oil are its ability to treat constipation, stomach problems, dry skin, arthritis, and ringworm of the scalp.

One of the primary uses for castor oil is for curing constipation and stomach problems. It naturally acts as a laxative and can help stimulate intestinal muscles, which aids in the expulsion of fecal matter from the body. It can also treat digestive problems stemming from bacteria growth by eliminating the majority of the harmful bacteria and soothing the stomach. Castor oil does tend to have an unappetizing taste, so it is often mixed with a small amount of juice to lessen the bitterness.


Another one of the benefits of castor oil is its ability to treat dry skin. It contains a fatty acid which naturally serves as an effective moisturizer. This is an ideal way to combat dried out skin during the winter and can be applied topically to all areas of the body to rehydrate and soften the epidermis. Either soaking the skin in warm water or taking a hot shower afterward is a soothing way to complement the effect of the castor oil treatment.

Arthritis can be effectively treated by using castor oil as well. Castor oil serves as a natural arthritis remedy, since it increases circulation and reduces inflammation. Massaging it into sore joints will usually help to reduce pain and stiffness while increasing mobility.

Ringworm on the scalp is another external bodily ailment that can be treated with castor oil. The ability to successfully treat ringworm and other fungal infections is one the benefits of castor oil. Applying it to the ringworm will usually eliminate the infection without spreading it anywhere else.

Castor oil can be used to treat a great number and variety of ailments. It is also an inexpensive over the counter product. Given its versatility and low price, it may be a good idea to have a bottle on hand.


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I have used castor oil for so many things. It is really a great addition to a non over the counter medicine chest. I work at an animal shelter and if I get a scratch or a bite I use some Essential oils while I am working and make a poultice of castor oil before bed to put on. By morning the wound is no longer angry, and you can see the stuff which has been pulled out. However, I do use it for several more days.

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