What are the Benefits of Being Healthy?

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While some may believe that being healthy just has to do with the physical state of the body, it actually has to do with the overall condition of the person both mentally and physically. Many people strive to live healthy lives and feel better for doing so. Others choose to make unwise choices that may put their mental and physical states in jeopardy.

One benefit of being healthy is the potential for increased happiness. Those who are healthy mentally and physically may be less inclined to unnecessarily stress or have reasons to stress, for example, by being in a horrible job or having a disease. An unhappy attitude may cause detriment to a person's state of mind as well as to his body.

Those who are healthy could also help protect themselves from having various diseases or conditions in the future. Some are the result of years of unhealthy choices, so taking precautions may help someone avoid them. Being healthier could affect not only the immune system and physical condition in the short term but in the long term as well.

Weighing less can be another benefit of being healthy. It is not only beneficial for the body, but also for the self confidence. Some people who are overweight have body issues that could cause them to be unhappy with how they look. Being at a healthy weight can help prevent them from having different health problems as well.


Another benefit of being healthy is having more energy. After eating unhealthy foods, some people may feel sluggish and weighed down. Healthy food can sometimes make people feel energized and have the drive to do various tasks.

When someone feels unhealthy physically and mentally, it can take its toll on the relationships with those around them. The person may act differently or may feel so sick or rundown that being around others happens infrequently. The healthier someone feels, the better relationships with others may be.

To be healthier, it is important to have hobbies and good relationships with people. Eating well, keeping the mind sharp and exercising are also key components. If there seem to be any mental or physical problems, it is better to talk to a medical professional sooner than later.

Considering the number of problems that can stem from being unhealthy, it can be much better to make healthier life choices. Developing healthy habits tends to increase the chances of sticking to them, in whole or in part, in the future. Being healthy can mean a better overall quality of life.


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Post 4

@Mutsy - I know what you mean but I think that some people really enjoy the healthy lifestyle so for them it is not so hard to maintain. I think that when you change the food you eat along with the exercise you tend to look forward to your meals and exercise times.

I know that it is a common dieting pitfall when you eat the same food every day. Eventually you get sick of the food and fall off of your eating plan. I think that if you focus on trying new vegetables along with new healthy recipes you would be surprised at how many different healthy meals you can come up with.

Post 3

@Subway11 - That is so true and it probably has to do with the momentum and the fact that you don’t want to be the only one that did not lose any weight. I always heard that a healthy weight loss should be no more than two pounds a week, but when I see these dieting reality shows in which people lose ten pounds in a week I wonder how healthy that actually is and wonder if they were able to maintain the weight loss.

I think that having healthy meals are important but I think that there has to be a balance and the habits have to be habits that you can maintain on a regular basis or else

you will slip back into your old habits.

For example, if you exercise for two hours a day to start off that might be a pace that might be too aggressive for you that will actually sabotage your efforts in the future because you will get burned out.

I wonder how much of that happens on these reality weight loss shows. I try to exercise thirty minutes every day and I thought that that was enough.

Post 2

@Sunny27 - I agree and I wanted to add that aside from the increased energy you do have less anxiety about going to the doctor.

Usually when you are on a healthy eating plan you can’t wait to see your doctor so that he could see how healthy you are. Eating healthy meals also allows you to enjoy a better quality of life.

You won’t have to worry about developing a lot of diseases that are most closely associated with being significantly overweight. This allows you to enjoy your life and worry less about your health.

Getting healthy can even be fun if you have group friends. I noticed that whenever people engage in an office weight loss pool and have weekly weigh in's that people make better choices about what they eat and tend to lose more weight.

Post 1

I wanted to add that whenever I eat healthy meals I always have so much energy. I usually eat healthy snacks like fruit or vegetables dipped in peanut butter or hummus in order to eat healthy.

I am in the process of losing weight and try to eat as much fruits and vegetables as possible. I usually feel fuller longer because of the added fiber in the fruits and vegetables and it also gives me energy.

I usually try to incorporate fruits and vegetables at every meal especially during breakfast. I think that a healthy breakfast helps me set the tone for the rest of the day. If I start off with a healthy meal I will be more likely to continue eating healthy throughout the day.

If I start off eating something that has a lot of sugar, I usually find that I crave sugar for the rest of the day.

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