What are the Benefits of Arm Toning?

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Doing arm toning activities such as lifting weights or swimming can offer the exerciser many benefits. Arm workouts must be done regularly in order to notice the physical benefits that may include leaner, more pronounced muscle definition in the arms as well as increased strength. One strong, non-physical benefit of arm toning is it can be done in many different ways with little or no equipment needed.

Weight lifting is a popular way of toning the arms. The benefit of this form of arm toning is that it can either be done in a gym or at home. The choice of equipment is flexible since even doing repetitions lifting items easily found around the house such as filled plastic bottles or large food cans can be added as part of a regular home exercise program. If done regularly, a weight lifting routine added to overall body workouts can be extremely effective.


Increased cardiovascular exercise, such as swimming or running, done along with a regular weight lifting routine can net physical benefits in as soon as a few months. Swimming as an activity choice also has the benefit of toning the arms through the constant arm movements required in the sport. Overall arm tone can be quite noticeably improved by an exercise plan that includes both swimming and weight lifting. Plus, combining cardiovascular exercise with arm strength training can lead to a healthier overall fitness level and stronger, more defined arms. Even non-muscular body types usually notice improvement in arm tone with regular weight and cardiovascular workouts.

Increased tone gained through weight routines plus regular exercise that gets the heart pumping can give arms a much better look in sleeveless summer wear. Arm toning benefits can include a greater sense of confidence when wearing clothing that emphasizes the arms. Without an arm tone routine, the undersides of the upper arms can become flabby.

Arm toning workouts can also be fun if they're done during sports activities that the exerciser enjoys. For instance, paddling a row boat on the weekends can be a great way to enjoy an outdoor activity while also toning arms. Regular workouts with a rowing machine indoors are a good idea as a way of preparation rather than suddenly subjecting the arms to a lot of strenuous row boat movements.

Even something as simple as adding arm circle warm-up movements to an exercise routine can help tone and strengthen the arms. Arm toning circles can be done easily by standing with the feet comfortably apart and the arms outstretched. The outstretched arms should then be moved in circles, alternating between large and small circle movements, so a gentle stretch is felt in each arm as it's moved. The repetitions should be gradually increased with each workout warm up.


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