What are the Benefits of a Scalp Massage?

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Massaging any part of the body increases blood flow. This is especially helpful with scalp massage, because it doesn't just benefit the skin and scalp itself, but also the hair follicles and hair. This increased blood flow can stimulate the follicles in such a way that hair will grow faster, which is a great benefit for those who wish to increase the length of locks.

Scalp massage can also strengthen hair follicles which, in turn, strengthens the entire hair shaft. Often this type of massage is accompanied by special oils that are applied to the scalp and hair to provide increased nourishment and work with the hair's natural oils to repair dryness and breakage. This is great for massage or hair clients who suffer from chronic flaking and itching caused by a dry scalp. The special scalp oils may also be scented with either a relaxing mix of aromatic herbs or something more stimulating for those looking for an energy boost.

Many hair salons and spas provide scalp massage as part of a hair treatment or styling appointment. It's recommended that anyone seeking massage to improve issues with hair do so at least once a week for the greatest benefit. This allows the practitioner to gently spread the natural and special hair massage oils each week to improve strength, flexibility, and shine. This also protects the hair from damage and split ends by keeping a nice coat of protective oil on the hair shaft at all times.


It is important to note that only oils made specifically for the hair should be used for scalp massage. Regular massage oils are intended for skin and may be much too greasy for use on the hair. Some will be difficult to wash out, so it's best to consult a stylist or massage therapist if planning to perform the massage with oil treatments at home.

Much tension in the body finds its way to the head and neck, so scalp massage is also beneficial as a stress reducer. Gently working the scalp with warm oil begins to loosen tension and relieve the tight muscles in the temple and neck that can lead to tension headaches and pain. A scalp massage is a more direct attack on these physical effects of stress, so it serves as a quicker fix than medication in some instances. The innate tendency to rub or massage areas of pain is instinctively correct, and scalp massage is definitely something to be explored for anyone who suffers from headaches.


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Post 4

What equipment do you use for a scalp treatment?

Post 3

How effective is scalp massage for hair growth? I would think that massaging that area might be good for hair growth since it promotes blood flow to the follicles -- isn't that the way that cuticle massage works too?

Of course, I know that you can't reverse baldness with a scalp massage or anything, but in general, wouldn't a scalp massage promote healthy hair growth?

Post 2

I never knew why so many body oils say "Not for use on hair." Guess too many people try to use them for scalp massages.

By the way, nice article -- my only experience with scalp massage was those creepy looking scalp massagers they hawk at the mall. You know, the ones that look like metal spiders.

But from this article scalp massages actually sound enjoyable.

Post 1

I love scalp massages, but I think that so many of the scalp massage accessories or equipment you see are simply unnecessary.

Really all you need for a good scalp massage are your own two hands -- or a friend's hands. All those scalp lotions and oils are great, but you can get a lot of benefits of scalp massage just by using your hands.

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