What are the Benefits of a Portable Gas Generator?

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Portable gas generators are one of the easiest ways to maintain some type of backup power source around the home as well as the workplace. Available in several sizes, the portable generators can also be used in several different scenarios, as long as gasoline or natural gas is available for the operation. Here are some of the advantages of keeping a portable gas generator on hand.

For homeowners, portable generators are a great way to keep the household running when the supply of electric current fails for some reason. Whether due to downed power lines or an interruption in service because of inclement weather conditions, the portable gas generator can be started, plugged into the household’s wiring system, and keep essential appliances such as freezers, air systems, and refrigerators functional until power is restored. This means no spoiled food to throw away later, as well as keeping the interior of the home comfortable even if the weather outside is less than inviting.


Because it is possible to purchase a portable generator in several sizes, homeowners can select a unit that is large enough to supply an ample amount of power to just about any size home. Many portable gas generator models are small enough to store with ease in the garage, basement or a storage building. Because most models are mounted on wheels, moving them into position is a relatively easy task. This can be a huge advantage when there is a need to initiate a backup power supply quickly.

Businesses can also benefit from keep a portable gas generator or two on hand. Most office networks include a short period of backup power to prevent systems from crashing when a power outage occurs. Since it takes relatively little effort to move one or more generators into position and supply the network with power, no work is lost due to the outage and employees can continue working. A power outage no longer means a loss in productivity for the office, as long as the generator can keep running.

While the portable gas generator that utilizes gasoline for fuel is a very popular option, consumers can also consider two other alternatives: diesel fuel and propane. A portable diesel generator will cost a little more than a traditional gasoline powered model. However, portable diesel generators tend to be more fuel-efficient and are also less likely to require as much maintenance. Still, the diesel models do tend to emit more smoke and are generally louder than the gas generators.

Another alternative is a portable generator that runs using natural gas. A portable gas generator running on propane is likely to be a little more fuel efficient than a gasoline model, but will not generate the foul smoke that is associated with some diesel models. However, finding fuel for the generator may be a little more difficult than securing gasoline, a factor that could make the generator less user-friendly.


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I have used my portable gas generator for small power outages and it has been a huge comfort. I hated having to reset all my clocks whenever the power went out.

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