What are the Benefits of a Hybrid Vehicle?

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Hybrid vehicles save consumers gas money and reduce air pollution. They produce less carbon dioxide and other harmful emissions that can contribute to smog and an unhealthy living environment. They also require fewer trips to the gas station, an advantage that encourages some people to purchase a hybrid automobile. Since the price of oil continues to rise and more people are concerned about contributing to cleaner air, purchasing a hybrid vehicle can be a wise decision to make.

A hybrid car is equipped with two engines, an electric motor and a gasoline engine. When the car runs at a consistent speed or when it is idle, the gasoline engine automatically turns off and the electric motor takes over. This system is ideal for when a car is sitting in traffic.

This is because non-hybrid cars stuck in traffic jams contribute to air pollution. A hybrid vehicle, although idle, is kinder to the environment. When the driver accelerates a hybrid vehicle, the gasoline pump provides the car with gas and the electric engine takes control once more.


Despite the benefits of using a hybrid vehicle, it is more expensive than traditional automobile. Average hybrid car prices can be as much as $3,000 US Dollars (USD) to $6,000 USD higher than gas cars. Hybrid cars are also more complex since they are equipped with two engines and an ancillary system that keeps them running smoothly. Their complexity can cause higher repair bills if the cars break down, not to mention more time in the mechanic shop. Many times, the car owner may need to rely on repairs and services performed at the car dealership.

In order to get the most benefits from driving a hybrid car, it's important to practice good driving habits that benefit any other type of vehicle. For example, drive slower so that the car doesn't experience too much drag. Decreasing aerodynamic drag improves gas mileage.

Maintaining a moderate car speed increases gas mileage as well. Avoid braking too quickly, so that the hybrid car's electric motor can use its energy to slow the car down. If the car stops abruptly, the brakes do most of the work, causing energy to be wasted.

People who drive only within the city limits may save enough money to make it worth purchasing a hybrid. Those who drive fast or have long commutes may not experience large savings. Before deciding to buy a hybrid, it’s important that each consumer considers her particular lifestyle and financial situation. Hybrid vehicles may not be for everyone, but the fact that they are environmentally friendly and save on gas can be the decision-making factor for many consumers.


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Hybrids may be a bit more expensive than conventional vehicles, but the thing that makes them truly revolutionary is that they are actually competitively priced and far more convenient than the electric cars that were touted years ago. Those things were ridiculously expensive and could only go short distances before having to be plugged into a wall for hours to recharge. In other words, they were too expensive and inconvenient to challenge the popularity of conventional vehicles.

Hybrids are very different -- they behave a lot like normal cars and their slightly higher prices may be offset by fuel savings for those who drive quite a bit.

By the way, some hybrid drivers would do well to remember there

are other people on the interstate. Putting along at 50 or 55 MPH when the speed limit is 70 may increase gas mileage somewhat, but the guy who is late for work and stuck behind slow going hybrid doesn't care one whit about that.

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