What are the Benefits of a Compact Rifle Scope?

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The main benefits of a compact rifle scope are faster target acquisition and a wider field of view when hunting. It may be worth investing in a compact scope for people who hunt at close range. Compact rifle scopes are also lightweight, and offer an affordable alternative to other rifle scopes. If one is in search of a scope that is easy to mount and does not need to be sighted in after having been removed, a compact scope may be the solution.

A compact rifle scope offers a wider field of view, which makes it easier to track fast moving targets. With a wider field of view, a hunter can sight in more quickly because he can see more of the scene. Scopes in lower power ranges are commonly used, and experts recommend scopes with a power range of one to four.

Compact rifle scopes are often used with handguns or short action rifles. A compact scope is generally under 9 inches (about 23 cm) and is lightweight. This type of rifle scope offers greater accuracy and closer focus, and in some models, the cross hairs can be illuminated. This feature adds extra visibility when using the scope under less-than-perfect conditions. Some compact scopes also feature a red dot recticle in addition to the illuminated recticle.


When purchasing a rifle scope, affordability is a consideration, and this is where a compact rifle scope really has the advantage. These scopes offer good quality at an affordable price and can be a good alternative to other rifle scopes. In 2010, a compact scope could generally be purchased for under $150 US Dollars (USD).

A high quality compact rifle scope is generally easier to mount and sight in than other rifle scopes. A compact scope on a handgun would probably have to removed to store the gun. In a situation such as this it is convenient to be able to mount the scope and to be able to use the gun without having to sight in the scope again.

Compact rifle scopes have one downside — they are not suitable for use at dusk or dawn. This is because the objective lenses are much smaller than those of ordinary scopes, which means that not much light is captured. These scopes work best in full daylight and in conditions where there is adequate lighting.


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