What are the Benefits of a Cast Iron Waffle Iron?

J.M. Densing

There are several benefits of using a cast iron waffle iron. It doesn't require electricity to operate, for example, and can be used in a variety of settings including outdoors. Waffles won't stick to a properly seasoned cast iron waffle iron, which allows for cooking ease without the reputed negative effects of non-stick coatings. Cast iron spreads and retains heat throughout the cooking surface which produces evenly cooked waffles. It is a low maintenance, durable surface which will last for generations with proper care.

Waffles made with a waffle iron.
Waffles made with a waffle iron.

Most typical modern waffle irons are electric powered and need to be plugged in to an outlet to operate. A benefit of a cast iron waffle iron is that this is unnecessary. It works with external heat sources and can be used on the top of any type of stove. It can also be used outdoors, on a grill, or over a campfire.

Cast iron waffle irons can be wiped down with a paper towel after use.
Cast iron waffle irons can be wiped down with a paper towel after use.

Another benefit is that once a cast iron waffle iron is thoroughly seasoned, waffles will not stick to it. The seasoning process requires coating all surfaces with some type of fat such as lard or oil. Then the fat is baked into the surface of the waffle iron in an oven. This process is repeated several times, thus sealing the cast iron and protecting it from rust; it produces a surface that food won't stick to which allows for easy removal of cooked waffles. An added benefit of cast iron is the absence of possibly harmful non-stick coatings that are often used on typical waffle irons.

Cast iron cookware is prized for its ability to distribute and retain heat evenly throughout the cooking surface. This is an important benefit of a cast iron waffle iron since it results in evenly cooked waffles. Often the heating elements in typical waffle irons can result in cool spots and waffles that are crispy in some areas and soft in others. In contrast, waffles cooked in cast iron are uniformly browned and crispy on the outside and with a soft fluffy interior.

Durability is an important benefit; a cast iron waffle iron can last for many years. Another benefit is low maintenance, since clean up is relatively simple. Any crumbs should be brushed away with a soft brush or paper towel and the waffle iron can be washed in hot water without soap. After washing, it needs to be dried thoroughly and stored in a cool dry place.

Cast iron waffle irons can be used over grills or campfires.
Cast iron waffle irons can be used over grills or campfires.

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Can you buy cast iron waffle irons new or have they stopped making them? If you can buy them, how much do they cost?

I have an electric waffle iron but honestly it doesn't work very well. It is also a real pain to clean. I love waffles and it sounds like cast iron is the best kind of waffle iron.


I have an old cast iron waffle maker that belonged to my grandmother. It still makes waffles that are perfectly golden brown and never stick.I use it regularly to make waffles for the family before church on Sundays.

I love the idea that my grandmother used this waffle iron to make waffles for he mother, and my mom made them for me and now I am making them for my children. I hope that one day they will be making waffles for their own kids, 4 or 5 generations united by waffles.


If I am car camping I love to take this old cast iron waffle iron that I have with me. There is nothing better on a cold morning after you have been sleeping on the ground all night than a hot cup of coffee, a few strips of sizzling thick cut bacon and a hot fresh waffle with warm syrup on it.

I'm honestly kind of salivating just writing this out. The waffle iron is really easy to use and it makes good waffles. It took me a couple of tries to get the heating and the timing right but once I had it down I could pump out golden brown waffles one after another.

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