What are the Basics of Water Garden Design?

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A water garden design is how the water garden is intended to look and function once fully completed. The designs are determined by many factors such as the landscape, the area available, location, and the purposes of the water garden; for flora or fauna cultivation, geological properties of the area and many other aspects. The preference and taste of the backyard gardening owner also plays a great role on the design.

The landscape definitely dictates the water garden design by dictating how it is affected by the gradient. If the landscape is slanted, more caution must be put in place to reduce soil erosion into the koi pond and to keep the water at the same level. A slanted landscape is great for creating a fish pond with beautiful features such as backyard water falls and cataracts. It also eases the water input and output especially if the water mains are on the higher ground.

The space available will help determine the size and the shape of the water garden design greatly. The location of the aquascape in the area will determine the number of extra features that can be installed and the safety measures to be put in place. The location also affects the water backyard gardening design by specifying the materials and tools to be used due the geology properties such as permeability soil, rocks and other natural factors. This will also affect the budget of the backyard gardening project.


The function intended is a crucial factor in the water garden design; an example is a koi pond that is fairly deep cannot be used for most plants’ cultivation; it can only be used for fish. The plant water garden design must be a bit shallow to allow the plants to access sunlight for their photosynthesis. The function will also affect the fish pond design by calling for special implements to be used and installed.

Another basic factor that must be considered, and that entirely dictates the water garden design is the budget. It will determine how the other factors are dealt with. It affects the size, location, the function, and the materials used; the labor costs and the extra features to be included such as waterfalls, decorations and others in addition to outlining the time of the project implementation.

The existing trends, tastes, and preferences of the owner will also play a part in the design selection. Today, home decoration is being taken very seriously because it has the advantage of adding value to any home or business.


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