What are the Basic Tae Bo&Reg; Exercises?

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Tae Bo® exercises are designed to teach people a method of communication with their body by combining various exercise elements from different disciples to create an overall workout that benefits the body and spirit. Utilizing martial arts such as tae kwan do for self-awareness and control, the beauty of dance and strength building through boxing, this type of exercise provides a well-rounded workout. Dance elements of a Tae Bo® workout might include various genres, such as ballet or hip hop.

Developed by martial arts champion Billy Banks, Tae Bo® was designed to provide cardiovascular and aerobic exercises. The use of hand weights enhances the strength-building and cardiovascular benefits. The moves are uncomplicated and flexible, making them easy for participants to follow. For example, the height of kicks performed by individuals are at their own comfort level, which might improve with consistent practice.

Punches and kicks are basic Tae Bo® exercises incorporated from boxing and martial arts. Participants practice self-defense moves as they strengthen their body and develop speed and balance skills. Exercise moves derived from boxing also provide stress relief. Another boxing-based exercise is the jumping jack/jab, which has the participant perform a standard jumping jack with his or her hands in clinched fists while performing a jab toward opposing sides of the body as the arms come down. This helps develop coordination, strengthens the arms and legs and provides aerobic and cardio benefits as the body builds stamina.


Tae Bo® workouts include basic moves to work the abdominal area, such as twists, crunches and rotation movements. Combining these actions works the body core resulting in flatter abdominal muscles and a stronger, more attractive midsection. In addition to exercises executed while standing, performing crunches adds a floor workout to the Tae Bo® exercise routine. These moves work all parts of the abdominal region, including the obliques and the upper and lower abdominal muscles as well as the back.

Tae Bo® exercises always include stretching, particularly in the beginning of the workout. This helps prevent participants from injuring themselves as they proceed through the routine. Stretching gives users the added benefit of enhancing the flexibility of their body.

Although Tae Bo® moves are simple to follow and perform, they combine to create a serious workout. They are designed to build strength, lose fat and burn calories while helping the body and mind to communicate. Performing Tae Bo® also help individuals build confidence as they gradually learn to improve their performance and enjoy a firmer, fitter body.


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