What are the Basic Aerobics Steps?

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Aerobic exercises are rhythmic routines that work large muscle groups and raise a person's heart and lung rate. There are three basic aerobics steps: high impact, low impact and step aerobics. When a person attends an aerobics class, he may work with one group of basic aerobics steps or a combination of all three. In low impact aerobics, one foot stays on the ground at all times, while in high impact aerobics, both feet can leave the ground, such as in jumping routines. A person practicing step aerobics works outs by stepping up and down on a platform.

Low impact basic aerobics steps include the grapevine, which is a basic side step and shuffle. To perform a grapevine, the exerciser first steps to the right with his right foot, then crosses his left foot behind the right. He then side steps further to the right with his right foot and brings his left foot next to it, so that his feet are together. The move is then repeated with the left foot.


One of the basic high impact basic aerobics steps is the jumping jack. To do a jumping jack, the exerciser stands with his feet together, then jumps into the air, spreading his feet shoulder width apart. He then jumps again, bringing his feet back together. People doing jumping jacks usually raise their arms into the air when they jump and spread their legs and then lower their arms when they bring their feet together. The jumping jack is sometimes called the star jump or side straddle hop.

Another basic high impact aerobics step is jogging in place and kicking out the feet. A variation on this move incorporates a side to side lunge into the jog. Walking in place is another basic aerobic step. If an exerciser feels tired during a workout, walking in place for a bit is typically a good way to keep the heart rate up without overextending or getting injured.

Step aerobics steps include the basic right and basic left. An exerciser does the basic right step by placing his right foot on the platform, then placing his left foot on the platform. He finishes the step by stepping backward off the platform with his right foot, followed by his left foot. The basic left is the reverse of the basic right. The exerciser steps onto the platform with his left foot first, followed by his right. The tap up step is a variation on the basic left or right steps. An exerciser steps onto the platform with one foot, then lifts his other foot, taps the platform and lowers his foot to the floor.


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