What are the Army Green Berets?

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The Army Green Berets are also known as Army Special Forces in the US. Their mission is generally rather complex. They are given special training for combat along with diplomacy and espionage. Army Special Forces are sometimes deployed on very secret missions that the public is never made aware of, and in many cases, these missions do not have any combat elements at all. The Army Green Berets were founded in 1953 as a replacement for the Office of Special Services (OSS) from World War II.

Overall requirements for entering Army Special Forces have varied over the years, but they are generally rather steep and include multiple years of distinguished service. Most soldiers who join the Army Green Berets have a college education along with extreme physical fitness. The actual training process is considered very grueling, and many people who apply for Special Forces duty don't make the cut.

Generally speaking, the Green Berets operate in the realm of unconventional warfare. They are used for pinpoint operations that would not work with a large number of soldiers. Their training is very diverse because they may be asked to perform many different duties on a given mission. Within a team of Army Green Berets, each person will have a specialty, but they can also fill in for each other if needed.


In the field, the Army Green Berets have been used in many different capacities. In some cases, they have very little oversight and are required to act independently. Sometimes their job is more like the job of a spy than that of a soldier, and in many cases, they operate out of uniform as undercover agents behind enemy lines.

Army Green Berets are often required to turn enemy agents on to the cause of the United States. They will enter a hostile country and find groups that want to resist the local leadership. Once a resistance movement is located, they help arm and train them to become guerrilla fighters. This job makes it important for green berets to be trained in languages, and they also need knowledge of diplomacy and cultural differences.

Another common mission for the Army Green Berets is the gathering of intelligence. Once behind enemy lines, Green Beret soldiers can help identify targets for pinpoint military strikes and identify secret enemy locations. In some cases, they may be sent in weeks before the launch of an offensive to secretly observe enemy targets or set up beacons for air-strikes.


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Post 3
I have been interested in army special operations since I was a kid. I saw a movie about the green berets and I have wanted to join up eve since. Can anyone tell me what the army green beret requirements for entry are? I know that you have to work your way up the ladder, but once you have an opportunity to join what do they ask of you?

I saw a documentary about the entry test that army airborne rangers have to go through and it looks like torture. It is a week long and basically filled with constant physical activity. I can break even the hardest of guys. I believe that I can make it if I am given the opportunity but it is hard to know how you will react under that much strain.

Post 2

What is the difference between army rangers and green berets? I have heard of both of them but there must be some kind of difference.

If I had to venture a guess I would think that the rangers were below the green berets. I used to work with a guy who was once an army ranger and he was big and though but I can't really imagine him as one of the army's most elite soldiers. I wouldn't say that to his face of course but I'm pretty sure he won't see it on here.

Post 1

I have always wondered how the various branches of the special forces really compare. You always hear about the Navy Seals but surely the Green berets are though too and I bet the Marines have a branch of special forces that is just as tough.

So is there really one group that are the true super soldiers?

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