What Are the Applications of Expert Systems?

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Expert systems are software programs that perform complex human tasks. Some examples of expert systems include map routing programs and computer aided development (CAD) systems. These programs use artificial intelligence with rules and algorithms to solve difficult problems.

Expert systems are often used in complex problem-solving programs. These typically require intelligence and human decisions, which take considerable time to evaluate. The systems use pre-defined rules to determine behaviors or outcomes of specific events. The rules can be modified to support future changes, if necessary, due to unexpected conditions.

Weather forecasting and radar projections use applications of expert systems. These forecasting systems use several rules based on temperature, wind, humidity, and jet stream. The application makes projections on potential weather patterns based on specific conditions and rules within the application.

The logistics management necessary to respond to natural disasters requires applications of expert systems. This software can help emergency personal determine where to place equipment for disaster relief resources. This is most often used in forest firefighting, hurricane relief, and earthquake relief around the world.

War-simulation programs are applications of expert systems. These programs use complex rules to determine armory logistics and human casualties during warfare situations. The war simulation programs are used to help governments determine the best approach to take during a confrontation.


Human intelligence and experience is what makes an expert system work. These problem-solving techniques are transformed into business rules that help the program weigh options on specific decisions. Each expert system requires human subject matter experts to convert logical process into specific rules.

The human genome project was a program that used expert systems to decipher human genetics. This provided advance mapping features to scientists that helped determine the linkage between genetics and human characteristics. Without expert systems, this linkage would have been difficult to discover.

Credit card and loan-processing programs are also applications of expert systems. These software modules use pre-defined rules that determine the credit risk of potential lenders. The rules are typically based on prior credit history and income patterns, which helps determine long-term investment risk for the bank.

Many scientists use expert systems to assist in the discovery of cures for diseases. These programs can calculate changes in behavior and decipher patterns faster than humans. This can help with the development of effective treatments and cures.


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