What Are the Advantages of Unscented Hair Spray?

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The advantages of using unscented hair spray include being courteous toward others who may be sensitive to fragrances and scents as well as not triggering allergies in oneself. Another advantage is that the user of unscented hair spray doesn't mute the qualities of any scents or perfumes that he or she is already wearing. While it can be difficult to find unscented hair spray in regular stores, it is usually possible to find it online. Hairdressers may also be able to make good recommendations.

Many personal care products, including hairspray, are scented. The presence of scent in these products is due to a number of factors, including a desire on the part of the manufacturer to make a product more pleasant to use or because several chemicals in the product have unpleasant scents that need to be covered up by another, stronger fragrance. If a product is scented, its label will typically indicate this, as will its printed ingredient list, although this list may not specify the exact type of fragrance used to create a product.


Many people are very sensitive to fragrance, which may simply be because they are sensitive to strong smells, even pleasant ones. In other cases, a person may have a significant allergy to a particular chemical, while in mild cases, an individual may experience a headache or nausea when in the presence of a strong scent. Alternatively, a person may become dizzy or break out into a rash in more serious cases. Both natural and artificial fragrances can trigger sensitivities and allergies. By choosing to wear unscented hair spray, a person can help reduce the discomfort of others.

Fragrances can also trigger skin allergies in many people. This can result in irritation of the skin on the scalp, neck, and face. Individuals who are aware that they have skin sensitivities may benefit from switching to an unscented hair spray while also taking care to use other fragrance-free personal care and cosmetic products.

In addition to health concerns, another benefit to using unscented hair spray is eliminating conflict between the scents of different personal care products. This is particularly true if a person chooses to wear perfume or scented body lotion. Other scents, such as those in hair spray, can interfere with these scented products and may simply nullify other fragrances, or the mix of scents may actually cause the wearer to smell unpleasant.


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Post 2

@ocelot60- I agree with you, but my favorite hair spray doesn't come in an unscented version. When I wear it, I always make sure that my hair is completely dry so I don't have to use too much of the spray to keep my style in place.

In addition to my favorite scented hair spray, I also keep one on hand that is unscented. I use this hair spray on days that I feel like I don't want to wear a strong scent.

I also use my unscented hair spray when I have a special event to go to and don't want to wear a hair spray with a scent that will compete with my perfume. It holds just as well as my scented hair spray, but doesn't leave my hair feeling as soft.

Post 1

Some hair spray scents aren't too bad, but others are so strong that I can hardly stand to smell them. They actually give me a headache when I wear them! This is why I always use the unscented kind.

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