What are the Advantages of Stand up Tanning Beds?

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Many people who choose to tan indoors find that stand up tanning beds are preferable to lay-down tanning beds, for a few reasons. First, stand up tanning beds often take less time than a traditional tanning bed, because the bulbs can be higher since one is not laying right up against it. This means that this type of tanning bed can also lead to a darker tan, typically within ten minute sessions rather than twenty minute sessions.

Stand up tanning beds also allow the user to get a more even tan over the entire body. Some people find that with recumbent tanning beds, their backs tend to tan faster, which means that one needs to rotate in the bed. This is not necessary with stand up tanning beds, because the light surrounds the body evenly. In addition, because one is standing while tanning, one is able to move the arms and turn the body to ensure that every part of the body is becoming evenly tanned.

Those who are uncomfortable in enclosed spaces often prefer stand up tanning beds as well. In addition, because the body does not actually touch anything, there are no longer concerns about tanning beds that have not been cleaned in between each session. The skin does not touch the sides of the bed, which in lay down tanning beds could potentially lead to rashes or irritation.


These are the advantages of stand up tanning beds as compared to more traditional recumbent tanning beds. It is important to keep in mind, however, that no form of ultraviolet tanning is considered safe, whether tanning inside or outside. The UVA and UVB light that tans the skin can lead to skin cancer, as well as wrinkles and skin discoloration such as sun spots. There are many options for sunless tanning that are perfectly safe and can give a natural looking glow.

Spray tans that are received from salons are great choices, and these take place in a stand up shower area as well, where the entire body is sprayed with tanning solution to ensure even coverage. At-home spray tans and lotions are other options as well; even just some bronzer applied to the face can make one look more tan and summery. If one does choose to use tanning beds, be sure to limit the session as much as possible to avoid burns, and apply a lotion that contains aloe after each tanning session.


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