What Are the Advantages of Power Windows?

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Electric or power windows have become the standard on most vehicles today. Along with providing convenience, power windows in automobiles and other types of vehicles provide a few valuable benefits that help in a number of situations. Among the advantages provided by these automatic car windows are safety, control, and easier operation for those with arthritis or similar conditions that make movement difficult.

Parents are well aware of one of the most common advantages of power windows. The configuration of the electric windows allows the driver of the vehicle to control the movement of the windows built into each door of the vehicle. Using a master control pad located either to the right of the driver or on the driver’s door panel, it is possible to raise or lower the four windows located near each seating area. The driver also has the option of locking the controls placed at each window, so he or she has complete control of the window movement. Sometimes referred to as childproof windows, this means that younger children cannot roll down a window without the parent’s permission.


Another benefit of these windows is they are much easier to operate than the older crank-type car windows. For people who suffer from arthritis or have some type of hand injury, pressing a button or moving a small lever is a simpler task than attempting to securely grab a handle and rotate it in order to raise or lower a window. This makes power windows a must for anyone who has limited mobility in the hands and the lower arms.

With power windows, the movement upward and downward as the device is operated is smooth and consistent. This is in contrast to some crank-style windows in which the mechanism may begin to stick over time, requiring additional effort and time to open or close the window. For the driver, this is particularly important, since a hand crank that is sticking tends to be a diversion that takes attention away from the task of watching the road. With these windows, the driver is far less likely to be distracted, making the road trip a little safer for everyone concerned.

At one time, power windows in a car or truck were considered to be luxury items that added to the overall cost of the vehicle. Over time, more and more auto manufacturers have made the windows a standard feature, with most systems capable of operating even when the battery power is relatively low. While an automatic window configuration can be somewhat more expensive to repair, the window lifts tend to perform well for a number of years and in fact, may last for just as long as their crank handle counterparts.


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Post 2

@Vincenzo -- I don't know if power windows won't function if they get wet. The chance of being trapped in a lake is pretty slim, though. Still, maybe there is a safety override built it? Again, I don't know if there is.

As for those windows being expensive to repair, that is true. But power windows technology has improved a lot over the years. Those things used to break all the time but that is not the case anymore.

All in all, the advantages of power windows are outweigh the negatives.

Post 1

There are some bad things about power windows. The article hints at the notion that they are more expensive to repair crank windows and that is correct. They are very expensive to repair if they go wrong and they do tend to go wrong as they get older.

Also, what happens if you get stuck in a lake and your power windows short out so you can't roll them down and escape the submerged vehicle? I know there is a slight chance of that happening, but isn't that something to consider?

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