What are the Advantages of Polystyrene Bricks?

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Polystyrene is a material that is used in a number of applications, including polystyrene bricks. Sometimes used for the creation of visually appealing façades for a fraction of the cost of regular bricks, the product also provides a number of other benefits that help to save money. Advantages such as ease of handling, minimization of bacteria growth and the moisture-resistant qualities of the polystyrene bricks make the products well worth consideration.

As a lightweight material, polystyrene bricks are very easy to handle. Unlike other façade materials that can be somewhat difficult to manage when working with intricate designs, bricks of this type can easily be moved into place and secured without a great deal of effort. This is particularly helpful, since it is possible to position a large number of the bricks within easy reach without adding a lot of weight to ladders or scaffolding during the actual application.

Along with the ease of use and light weight of the polystyrene bricks, the products also possess hygienic properties that make them popular. The nature of the material makes it resistant to the growth of mold and mildew as well as other forms of bacteria. At the same time, the surface is tough, making it easy to clean the bricks with relatively little effort. The end result is a façade that wears well over the years and can be kept in close to pristine condition with a minimum of effort.


Since polystyrene bricks are often made of recycled materials, this also helps to make the products a sound choice for anyone who wants to keep the home as environmentally friendly as possible. Since the materials are recyclable even after years of use, they can be removed and used to create new polystyrene products in the future, a benefit that not only helps to keep the cost of new products within reason, but also helps to reduce the amount of building materials that end up in garbage dumps.


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