What are the Advantages of Nylon Carpet?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

Nylon carpet is one of the best carpet options for use in the home. Known for its durability, this type of carpeting can be used anywhere in the house or even in some outdoor environments. Here are a few of the benefits that are associated with nylon carpet, as well as some examples of how this floor covering option can be used to best advantage.

Nylon carpet can resist staining.
Nylon carpet can resist staining.

One of the most important advantages of nylon carpet is the fact that the carpet fibers can stand up to a lot of wear and tear. This makes the use of nylon carpeting especially practical in areas where there is a lot of foot traffic. Hallways are an ideal location for carpet of this type. In addition, dens or family rooms benefit from the presence of nylon carpet, since the synthetic fibers hold their shape longer than many other types of fibers. As a result, the pile of the nylon carpeting looks new and fresh for many more years than other carpeting selections.

Nylon is an affordable carpet option for those on a budget, and can be installed just about anywhere around the house.
Nylon is an affordable carpet option for those on a budget, and can be installed just about anywhere around the house.

Along with the durability, nylon carpet is also very easy to clean. This is particularly important if the carpeting is used in areas such as the dining room or kitchen. The stain resistant qualities of the synthetic carpet fibers are especially important when there is a food or beverage spill to clean up. Since the makeup of the carpeting slows the process of seeping into the fiber, there is a much better chance of cleaning the spill before any type of permanent stain can develop.

The nylon carpeting of today is also much more resistant to fading than in times past. This is because the dyes are applied to the fibers before the carpet is woven. Previously, the dye was added after the carpeting was created, leaving only a surface tint to the fibers. With the color all the way through each fiber, a nylon carpet can hold up to direct sunlight for many years and still look great.

All the properties of nylon carpet make it ideal for uses that are completely unsuitable for wool or other natural fiber carpeting. A nylon indoor-outdoor carpet is ideal for use on patios, in sunrooms, or even alongside a backyard pool. In the house, nylon carpeting can be installed in a bathroom without worrying about staining or damage from moisture. With a relatively low price tag that makes nylon an affordable carpet option for those on a budget and with the versatility to be installed just about anywhere around the house, nylon carpet is well worth considering.

Nylon outdoor rugs and carpets are ideal for patios and porches.
Nylon outdoor rugs and carpets are ideal for patios and porches.
Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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Has anyone here ever tried nylon carpet tiles? I've seen them for sale in home stores, but I haven't committed to them yet.

They have adhesive backing, so they should stick right onto the floor. However, I have issues with lining things up perfectly, and I'm afraid I will get the edges misaligned and make an ugly mess of my floor!


I bought a house that had wool carpet, and at first, I loved it. It was so thick and comforting, and I couldn't imagine having any other type of carpet.

That was before I had time to see the downside of it, though. Once winter arrived and I walked around in my socks, I discovered that the carpet generated a lot of static. I kept shocking myself every time that I touched something metal!

Also, the edges started to fray after about a year. I didn't want to go through another winter of shocking myself, and the carpet was starting to look rough, so I replaced it with nylon carpet. It never causes static, and it will never unravel.


@orangey03 – Nylon carpet costs more than polyester carpet. There are many different qualities of nylon carpet, and generally, the more you pay, the longer it will last and the more stain resistant it will be.

My parents bought the cheapest nylon carpet they could find, and they had issues with staining. Cleaning this nylon carpet wasn't as easy as cleaning a higher quality one, and they had to buy an additive to make the carpet stain resistant.

If they had just gone with the best nylon carpet in the beginning, they could have saved themselves some headache. As with most things, there are bad and good versions of nylon carpet.


It sounds like there is no reason to choose any other carpet! Does nylon carpet have any disadvantages? If not, I can't imagine why anyone would want another type.

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