What are the Advantages of Modular Additions?

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A modular addition is a prefabricated room or outbuilding that can be added to an existing property. They have many useful functions, and can preclude moving or selling a house if just a little extra space is needed. The preset design of a modular addition also allows for easy understanding of required space, making installation a simple process.

Many people happily purchase a home only to discover upon taking residence that extra space is needed. A new family member, unexpected long-term guest, or even a hobby can make an additional room or building necessary. Modular additions can solve small space problems, provided that there is room on the property to place the structure.

There are two main ways to build a modular addition. Some models can be attached to the main building, appearing as an additional wing of the original house. This can be a great option for people who wish to expand living space within the existing structure. Modular additions can also be freestanding, perfect for creating a granny unit, workshop, or private space where noise and distractions are minimal.


One of the major advantages of modular additions is efficiency. Many kits come with pre-cut pieces and detailed instructions, allowing the addition to be put up in a matter of days or weeks. Building from a prefabricated kit can not only save time, but can also minimize distraction and disruption to normal daily life. The simple instructions and reduced build time can save serious headaches for owners that must remain in the home during the building process.

Most local governments have legal requirements regarding additional buildings on a piece of property. When planning to build, be certain that the design accommodates all local laws and that appropriate documentation is maintained. If the house is later sold, an illegally built addition can cause serious trouble for both sellers and potential buyers. Since modular additions are prefabricated, many can be customized to meet exact local requirements.

There are many uses for modular additions that can make life easier and more efficient. If the addition features a bathroom and sufficient space, it can be rented as a studio apartment or used as a guest house. A modular addition is a great place to accommodate hobbies, such as fitness, arts, and crafts. With appropriate accessories, owners can turn modular additions into nearly anything, from an expansive, child-safe playroom to a home movie theater complete with a popcorn maker.


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