What Are the Advantages of Memory Foam Slippers?

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Memory foam slippers are comfortable and warm. For people who are plagued by cold feet or foot pain, memory foam slippers are an attractive option. You can find both men’s and women’s slippers in memory foam material. An investment in these slippers is one that your feet will thank you for.

Memory foam was originally developed for use in the United States' space program. Although NASA never used the memory foam, it quickly developed a following in the medical community. Memory foam is made of polyurethane that has some additional chemicals added. These chemicals change the density of the foam.

When memory foam is cold, it is very firm. When it warms up, for instance, due to body heat, the foam becomes much more pliable. This property allows memory foam to conform instantly to any shape. Medical professionals quickly realized that memory foam could become an effective preventative measure for people that were incapacitated. The addition of a memory foam topper to a patient’s mattress could drastically reduce the incidences of pressure sores.

The same properties that provide pressure sore relief to patients can also improve foot health in memory foam slippers. Many house slippers offer little support. While they may keep your feet warm, they do not provide any restorative benefits. Memory foam slippers, however, conform instantly to the shape of your foot.


Even if your feet are healthy, you can benefit from these slippers. The warmth and support they provide is very relaxing after a long day. The people who truly appreciate the slippers are those who suffer from foot ailments.

If you have bunions, hammertoes or other foot abnormalities, finding a pair of house slippers can be a challenge. A pair of house slippers that offer enough support for comfort are often too constricting across the top or sides of your feet. Slippers that don’t squeeze misshapen areas of the foot are often not made for support.

Memory foam slippers offer the best of both worlds. The highly dense foam offers support for the sole and arch area of the foot. The foam will respond to your body heat, and provide relief in areas that protrude, preventing rubs and pressure.

One additional benefit of memory foam slippers is their ability to retain heat. The dense foam allows you to wear your slippers, sock-free, and remain warm, no matter what the weather. The foam traps and holds your body heat without making your feet feel damp or clammy, a common problem with many types of slippers.


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Post 4
Memory foam moccasin slippers are so comfortable. I slip mine on after work every day, and I instantly feel better. It’s a drastic shift from the heels or boots that I have been wearing for the past nine hours.

With other slippers, I had a problem with sweating. If I didn’t wear socks, then my feet would soon become soaked. The memory foam keeps this from happening.

These slippers are fleecy and cream colored. They look as comfortable as they feel. I don’t feel self-conscious wearing them when company comes over, because they are so pretty.

Post 3

I love the fact that there are so many types of these slippers. It is just as easy to find memory foam slippers for men as it is to find the ones made for women and children.

I found a pair that are made like flip-flops with a soft thong in between the toes. The thong and the insole are memory foam, so there is softness everywhere.

I bought them to wear during the summer, but they kept my feet so warm that I had to make them my fall and winter slippers instead. I never thought that my feet could be that toasty while so much of them was exposed!

Post 2

@StarJo - Maybe you just had the wrong brand or wrong style of slipper. I have some memory foam slippers that gently hug my feet, but they never feel like they are being choked.

My memory foam slippers have a soft top that just goes across my toes and the top of my foot. The back and sides are open. So, there is a lot of room for movement.

My mother had a pair that were shaped like ballet flats, only thicker. They were too snug, so maybe it is all in the design of the slipper and not the material.

Post 1

I loved my memory foam pillow so much that I decided to try the slippers. While they did conform to my foot’s shape and kept my feet warm, I found them to be way too tight.

I started out with a pair that were the same size as my shoes. This pair fit so snugly that my feet were uncomfortable. So, I traded them in for a pair one size bigger.

These were also too snug for me. Maybe I just have issues with being confined to small spaces, but I couldn’t tolerate them. So, when it comes to memory foam, I will stick with the pillow.

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