What are the Advantages of Loose Chair Covers?

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Loose chair covers or slipcovers are a popular consumer item in many general department stores, as well as in specialized furniture stores and home decoration outlets. These versatile covers provide a number of advantages for accessorizing furniture pieces, from large sofas and furniture installations to smaller chairs and other movable pieces. Manufacturers have begun to make a lot of this kind of furniture accessory to accommodate various uses by homeowners and renters who want to make their interior spaces look good or protect furniture for the long term.

One common advantage of loose chair covers is that many of these items are washable. That means that spring cleaning can include the laundering of these items to keep down the amount of dander, dust, and dirt in a living room or interior space. Washable slipcovers can also be helpful in preventing permanent stains on furniture.

Another plus for many chair cover buyers is that many chair covers often include decorative elements. For example, chair cover skirts go around the bottom of the cover to give it a more attractive style, and, in some cases, provide more function. Other ruffles and additional pieces also add ornamental flair to a cover.


Loose chair covers are also helpful in that they tend to cover the whole piece of furniture. This helps to cover any existing damage to vulnerable parts of a piece, such as scratches on the legs or other wooden areas. Covering the whole furniture item also prevents any pet dander from getting on the lower areas of a chair or other piece. Another plus is that the bigger loose covers can be somewhat modular and versatile, where form fitting covers can be tricky to install and use over time if their shape or size changes due to shrinkage or other effects.

In addition to the above benefits, loose chair covers and slipcovers come in an incredible variety of materials and colors to help buyers pick out the specific accessories that properly accentuate the furniture, and provide the desired function for their home. Tougher materials will help furniture stand up to high traffic and pet use, while more elegant covers might be desired for less heavily used furnishings. Colors can match the overall style of a room, or brighten up a drab space. It’s worthwhile for most household buyers to look at what’s out there to protect furniture while adding style and helping out with periodic cleaning tasks.


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