What are the Advantages of Hiring a Computer Administrator?

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Most companies, large or small, have a computer network of some description. As everyone knows, networks and computers crash and only someone with the right knowledge can bring them back online. A computer administrator usually has this job.

The computer administrator may have other techs working under him or her, but the primary responsibility for the network rests on his or her shoulders. A computer administrator working in a large corporation may have a whole network of techs to rely on. A computer administrator at a small company may only have one or two techs, if any, working with him.

The computer administrator may find herself installing software one day, doing server maintenance the next and tutoring an employee on the system the next day. A computer administrator usually wears several "hats" in a smaller company. In general, a computer administrator will have a degree in computer science or programming, and will be familiar with the most common operating systems used in the corporate world.

A computer administrator often begins a career at the bottom of the ladder, as a tech, doing the workaday tasks found with all computer systems. As he or she learns more about dealing with computers and technology, promotion usually follows. No degree is a substitute for the experience that a computer administrator gains on the job.


When a company hires a computer administrator, it is making a wise investment in resources. Someone who has just an offhand knowledge of computers will eventually run into a problem he cannot handle, nor will he be capable of setting up a complex network. A computer administrator can handle these duties, and more.

When a company hires a good computer administrator, it is making certain someone is on the payroll who can protect its technology and maintain the function of the computer network. Few things are more important in an age where the most sensitive of company information is stored in a computer network.


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