What are the Advantages of Electric Heat?

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Electric heat is one of the most common types of heating available in many areas, especially where natural gas or propane is not available or practical. In such cases, electricity becomes one of easiest sources of heat. Whether it is through a central system or space heater, this type of heat is used all over the world.

Advantages of electric heat are numerous, though there are also some disadvantages. However, for many the benefits far outweigh any liability. Many may even prefer to use this type of heat over other forms whenever possible. To understand the numerous benefits, it is first necessary to understand the types of electric heating systems available.

One of the advantages, at least in some parts of the world, are economical. Electric heat may represent the most efficient form of heating in some areas. While this is generally not the case in most of the United States, other parts of the world may not have ready access to natural gas, either because of geographic or political concerns. In those cases, using electricity to produce heat is almost required. The other option is propane or fuel oil.

Another one of the main advantages of electric heat is the fact that nearly every place in the world has the infrastructure to deliver electricity. Therefore, heat can be provided at no additional cost or investment in infrastructure. This makes it a very easy choice, especially when heat is needed very quickly, as may be the case in some areas.

The other advantage to electric heat is one of safety, especially for central heating systems. There is no need to worry about carbon monoxide of asphyxiation like there may be with other forms of heating that burn fossil fuels. This can especially be a danger for natural gas.

Another advantage in electric heat is its portability through the use of space heaters. Most space heaters manufactured are electrical in nature, but others may run off kerosene or other forms of fuel. Taking a portable electric space heater from one room to another is very easy. Most are very light and easily carried.

The other benefit of electric heat is that it is relatively clean. Because there is nothing burning, unlike with many forced air furnaces, there is not much to clean out. The only thing that needs to be done is to change the intake air filter as recommended by the manufacturer, usually several times a year. If that is done, the system should work efficiently and safely.

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