What are the Advantages of Carpet Flooring?

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Although carpet flooring can trap dirt and requires steam cleaning occasionally, it also has many advantages. The types, styles and colors of carpeting available today fit any budget and any room. Wall-to-wall carpet, area rugs and carpet squares all offer great advantages for home carpeting solutions.

Carpet tiles or squares don't require expert carpet installation, as they're quick and easy for just about anyone to install. They can be used to replace worn out sections of wall-to-wall carpeting and tend to be inexpensive. Carpet flooring squares are also available in different sizes and a range of color options.

Area rugs have many advantages. They can cover stains or worn out sections in old wall-to-wall carpet as well as add warmth and an extra layer of insulation. An area rug can also add pattern and color to a room, as this type of carpet flooring doesn't have to be in a neutral color to provide good looks or value. Area rugs can move from home to home and room to room. For instance, living room area rugs that begin to show a little wear can move to a family room or even outside on a covered porch to help create an outdoor living space.


Wall-to-wall carpet flooring helps soundproof and insulate entire rooms — especially if the under-padding is thick and the carpet fiber is dense. It also provides a soft surface for toddlers or elderly people who are prone to falls. Carpeting staircases in the home makes them safer for all family members. Wall-to-wall carpeting can also be more economical than other flooring choices and can make a room look warm, inviting and finished. Wall-to-wall carpet is also warm on the feet, which is an advantage for cooler climates.

Most carpet flooring is easy to maintain, as many types need only a weekly vacuuming and a steam cleaning once or twice a year. Berber carpeting, which is tightly woven, is especially durable and usually requires very little maintenance. For people with foot or joint problems, thick padding underneath carpet flooring can create a comfortable surface for standing and walking.


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