What Are the Advantages of Business Communication?

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Various forms of business communication provide companies and entrepreneurs with ways to improve productivity and efficiency. Creating a supportive team environment and being able to satisfy both internal and external customer needs are just some of the advantages of business communication. In addition, effective interaction in a business environment can also help control costs and increase profits.

Business communication usually takes several forms, including verbal, electronic, and written messages. Verbal communication can occur over the telephone or in-person during meetings and casual interactions. Electronic communications include emails, instant messaging, and website interactions. Often, written communication is the primary type that comes to mind when discussing various forms of business communication. It includes printed materials, like formal letters, advertisements, and internal memos.

Improved productivity is one of the main advantages of business communication. This increases when employees of all levels, from executive management to part-time workers, communicate effectively. Such successful interactions ensure that each employee understands the roles and responsibilities associated with his position. In addition, effective communication in a business environment allows for the exchange of ideas and feedback related to improving performance. This commonly occurs through regularly scheduled performance reviews and team meetings.


Fostering a supportive team environment is another one of the many pros of business communication. Various forms of discourse, including verbal and written business interactions, help employees work collectively to achieve team, department and company goals. Typically, verbal communication allows for the exchange of ideas, while written communication provides a framework for team development and procedures.

The advantages of business communication also extend to both internal and external customers. For internal customers, all forms of business communication help with the sharing of information and allow each department and employee to request the data needed for success. External customers benefit in many ways, including being able to locate important information on company websites and being able to speak with well-educated and trained customer service professionals.

Cost control and increased profits are perhaps some of the most discussed advantages of business communication. When used successfully, communication reduces the possibility that efforts will be duplicated throughout an organization, resulting in a cost-savings. Providing employees with a means of electronic communication can also further reduce the need for formal written materials, which often leads to additional savings. Not only can business communication reduce costs, it can also increase profits. The creation of advertisements that send a clear message to customers can help attract customers and reduce the need to redesign an entire marketing campaign because of poor communication.


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Post 3

@ZipLine-- That sounds more like a technology and system problem to me. Considering how business works these days, it's not possible to communicate unless there is an organizational network or computer system that makes it easy.

I'm guessing that the cell phone carrier you talked about has a bad computer system that doesn't relay information entered by one employee with the rest of the employees as fast as it should.

Technology is more important than we realize for business communication. But I agree with you that good communication creates a very positive reputation for a business.

Post 2

@ZipLine-- I agree with you, that's very annoying. But what's worse is when the business doesn't communicate in time with their customers. I especially hate online business that don't respond to emails and messages from their customers.

Post 1

My cell phone carrier has terrible internal communication.

I had an issue with my bill and I called their customer service and had it resolved. I was told that my bill would be changed and resent to me. But after a few days, I had another customer representative call me about my bill. He was telling me that I would have late charges since I didn't pay my bill!

I was so upset and complained for almost an hour. Employees that work for the company have no communication with one another! How are they supposed to do their job if they don't forward information to each other?! I just can't believe it.

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