What Are the Advantages of a Professional Pedicure?

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A professional pedicure, in which the toenails and feet are cleaned, buffed, and moisturized, with polish added to the nails, is a salon treatment that many people have performed on a regular basis. It can be slightly pricey, but many people feel it is worth the regular cost and time spent for a number of reasons. First, it does certainly make the feet and toenails more aesthetically pleasing, and gives an individual a more "polished" or put-together appearance than doing it one's self. A professional pedicure can also help to promote rest and relaxation. The pedicurist will also be able to identify any foot issues that need to be taken care of, such as a nail fungus or warts.

Though women are the most frequent customers for a professional pedicure, plenty of men get pedicures too, simply without the final step of toenail polish. However, anyone who wants to get the toenails painted as part of a pedicure is free to choose his or her color; most salons have hundreds of different options to choose from. Another option is to get a French manicure, in which the tips of the toenails are painted bright white and the nail bed is painted pink. A pedicurist may also be able to paint individual images or designs on the toes, either freehand or with an airbrush, which would be quite difficult to accomplish oneself.


As long as it is done properly, a professional pedicure is also good for the feet. For example, a pumice stone should be used to buff the feet, rather than a foot file, which can cause cuts. The skin is then exfoliated and moisturized. The toes are filed and clipped, and the cuticles are typically pushed back and moisturized. Throughout this process, the pedicurist can notice any potential problems or skin conditions that the client may not have noticed, and may be able to offer advice on treatment.

In addition to these benefits, a professional pedicure provides some time to relax. It generally takes about 45 minutes to complete, possibly a bit longer depending on the other services performed, and gives the client time to simply sit back and unwind. Massaging pressure points on the feet also helps to relieve stress. For many people, this alone helps to make the professional pedicure experience worth the cost. Some people only get them a few times a year or for special occasions; others get them on a regular basis. Typically, the benefits of a pedicure will last about a month.


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Feet are awkward and it's just easier for a second person to do pedicure services because they can get to every area of the foot. That's a huge advantage of a professional pedicure.

I've heard of people doing a home pedicure, usually when they get some friends together and they do each other's feet. This is fine for people who don't mind the whole "foot" thing. Some people are really grossed out by feet, though, so they probably need to get their pedicures done by professionals.

I've tried to paint my own toenails and it can get very awkward to get to all the toes on both feet. I'd rather have a pro do it.

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