What Are the Advantages of a Porcelain Grill Grate?

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Porcelain grill grates have a few advantages over other types of grill grates. First of all, they provide a more even cooking surface than regular stainless steel grates, and they do not rust like cast iron grill gates. Food will not usually stick to a porcelain grill gate, which makes it easy to clean. Care should be taken when using or cleaning these types of grill gates, however, to avoid damaging them.

An uneven cooking surface is often a complaint of many people who use a stainless steel grill gate. The surface of a porcelain grill grate will typically heat more evenly than these types of grill grates. This allows users to cook their food quickly and evenly. Steaks or other foods on the grill will have less chance of being burnt on one section and cool on another. Also, since the porcelain coating retains heat, this allows users to cook at lower temperatures.

Cast iron grill grates are often prone to rust, if they are not properly seasoned on a regular basis. A porcelain grill grate, on the other hand, will not usually rust, and it needs no regular seasoning. A porcelain grate that is chipped or cracked, however, may expose the metal underneath, which could cause it to rust.


The surface of a porcelain grill grate often has a relatively non-stick texture. Usually, just a bit of cooking spray is all that is needed. Not only does this make for a more attractive presentation of the grilled food, it also makes for an easy clean up.

Cleaning a grill grate is often the most despised task of cooking on a grill. Food will usually stick to many types of grill grates, and burnt-on grease can also accumulate. This often makes cleaning the grate very difficult.

Since its surface is not porous, most food will not stick to the surface of a porcelain grill grate. As a result, it is typically easy to clean. Usually, soap and hot water is all that is necessary.

One should be careful, however, when cleaning a porcelain grill grate. After the grate is removed from the grill, it should be wiped with a washcloth dipped in hot, soapy water. To remove difficult or stuck-on bits of food, the grate can either be soaked or scrubbed with a stiff bristle brush. Metal brushes and scrapers should never be used on a porcelain grill grate, since they can damage the surface.


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