What are the Advantages of a Nylon Jump Rope?

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Jump ropes have long had a double life as both a children’s toy and serious exercise equipment. Jump ropes are both used by individuals and also by groups of children who swing a longer rope and do specialized jumping patterns, such as Double Dutch. Though jump ropes have been made out of a variety of materials over the years, including old pieces of clothesline, nylon jump ropes have become more popular. This may because a nylon jump rope combines all of the advantages of jump ropes in general with all of the advantages of the use of nylon in particular.

Jumping rope is an exercise that provides a number of advantages that apply equally, whether one uses a nylon jump rope or any other kind. First of all, it is a very inexpensive way to get exercise. Second, jumping by oneself requires very little space and can be done indoors as well as outside. Third, according to Dr. Daniel W. Barry of the University of Colorado at Denver, jumping up and down — if one is healthy enough to do so — is believed to be the best exercise for keeping the bones healthy and also is often helpful in balance.


The National Institute of Health says that jumping rope burns 750 calories per hour. According to Brian Peeler, a trainer on the Bravo® show Workout, jumping rope uses the calves, shoulders, deltoid muscles, abdominals, quads, and hamstrings, in addition to other muscles that are helping stabilize the body. Boxers are known for using jump ropes as a training tool.

As for using a woven nylon jump rope as opposed to a leather or cotton jump rope or a speed rope or beaded rope, there are some definite advantages. First, a nylon jumping rope is inexpensive. It is possible to lay out $60 US Dollars (USD) for a jump rope, but one can get a nylon jump rope for much less. Second, it’s not uncommon for a person who is speed jumping or learning a new skill to hit him- or herself. This will hurt the least with a woven rope. Nylon jump ropes don’t stretch out or become gnarled the way leather ones do, nor do they fray like cotton ropes.


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