What are the Advantages of a Leather Jump Rope?

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A leather jump rope is recommended for more advanced jump rope users because its added weight ensures more of a workout for the user. Swinging a weighted jump rope intensifies the stress on the upper body, thus building the user's upper body strength in addition to getting an aerobic workout. The heavier the jump rope, the more of a workout the user's upper body will get.

An extra heavy leather jump rope is useful for building arm muscles as well as cardiovascular capacity. Its weight can vary from 1 to 4 pounds (.45 to 1.8 kg), depending on additional features offered by manufacturers. These added items can include iron rods inserted in the jump rope handles, for the purpose of adding to the weight and resistance of the rope. This adds to the intensity of the workout.

A leather jump rope, being heavier than usual, provides moderate swing speeds compared to the speeds achieved by lighter jump ropes. The extra weight requires more of an effort to get into motion and to maintain the swing. The reason a leather jump rope requires an experienced user is that it is entirely possible to injure oneself if swinging the rope at high speed and the leather makes contact with bare skin.


Jump rope workouts are an integral part of boxers’ training, with good reason. Jumping rope enhances agility, improves coordination and speeds up the movement of the feet, in addition to building stamina. Unlike most gym equipment that allows the user to concentrate on a specific part of the body, jump ropes force both the upper and lower parts of the body to exert effort. Jump ropes can be taken anywhere for quick workouts. They can be used outdoors in the fresh air, and they can be used indoors in cases of bad weather.

When selecting a jump rope, one must be certain to first test varying weights of jump ropes to find the most suitable one. Leather jump ropes with adjustable weights, such as those with detachable pieces, are recommended so that the user can simply change the intensity of a workout as his or her strength increases. The length of the rope must be in proportion to the exerciser's height in order for it to be usable. The best way to get a correct measurement is to make sure the handles reach the armpits even as the loop trails on the ground around the feet.

When the user is able to jump rope for a sustained 10 minutes, he or she is ready to start using weights on the jump rope. A heavier jump rope will build upper-body physique faster than a light jump rope. It is normal to swing the rope at a slower speed than the lighter rope as the arm muscles adjust to the added resistance. After the exerciser is able to jump rope for a longer sustained period of time, he or she will be able to add more weights to the jump rope or to use a heavier one for increased workout intensity.


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