What Are the Advantages of a Chinchilla as a Pet?

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Keeping a chinchilla as a pet will not appeal to all types of pet owners, but this member of the rodent family, which is native to South America, can give much pleasure in households where it is a good match. Having a chinchilla as a pet in the home is beneficial for pet lovers who have allergies to furred animals because these exotic pets do not have dander, the substance that triggers many pet allergies. They will keep themselves clean and prefer to do it with dust baths. Another advantage is their resistance to fleas, stemming from the lanolin that is naturally present in their soft fur. Chinchillas have specific environmental requirements that are not hard to provide, but these requirements must be met.

Chinchillas are playful and active, especially at certain times of the day. They are classified as crepuscular, meaning their activity level rises markedly at dusk and dawn each day. Experts suggest they do better in a home that does not have young children; they do not enjoy being squeezed or heavily petted, although soft stroking of some areas are enjoyed. These animals also do best when their diet is strictly monitored because some types of food can have an adverse effect on their digestion. Keeping a chinchilla as a pet also means monitoring the temperature in their environment because they do not have sweat glands that would allow them to regulate their bodies’ temperature.


To keep a chinchilla as a pet in the average household, certain materials and considerations should be kept in mind. These exotic pets need a lot of exercise, and they’ll get it on their own if their owners keep the environment stocked with appropriate toys, such as a metal wheel that is large enough for them to run on. Chinchillas also greatly enjoy climbing and will benefit from having shelves to climb on. In addition, they have a natural tendency to burrow, requiring appropriate materials in their cages. Keeping a chinchilla as a pet also requires a little vigilance on the owner’s part because some natural substances are poisonous for them, such as the cedar chips an owner might use in another type of pet’s cage.

Care requirements when keeping a chinchilla as a pet also include making sure they have the proper type of wood to chew on to keep their ever-growing teeth in good health. Keeping a chinchilla as a pet means understanding that if they chew their pine shelves or other pine toys they are not being merely destructive, but they are performing a necessary physical requirement for good health. Owners also need to provide a good-size dust bath for chinchillas because this is their preferred method of remaining clean.


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Post 3

You are right about chinchillas and proper diet and chewing Rundocuri. They spend a lot of time each day eating, and love to chew on objects. Another interesting fact about them is that they can jump very high. The best type of chinchilla cage is not only spacious but also tall with objects for these little pets to jump upon and climb.

Post 2

My friend has chinchillas as pets Heavanet, and they are very interesting to watch. Owners also must make sure they feed chinchillas food that is specially formulated for them, and provide objects for chewing to keep their teeth in good condition.

Post 1

I had pet chinchillas when I was a teenager, and I thoroughly enjoyed them. These little animals are very soft, and once tamed, love to be petted. They are fun to watch when they take dust baths, and their cage was never extremely dirty. They are delicate animals though, and must be kept in large, secure cages away from cats, dogs, and small children.

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