What are Testosterone Injections?

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Testosterone injections are one of several treatment options are used to deal with a lack of normal testosterone levels in the body. The injections are normally administered by a health care professional in a sterile environment, although in some nations, it is possible for a physician to authorize the patient to administer the injections according to a detailed schedule. In most cases, the injections are scheduled every ten days to two weeks, and are often the preferred method of testosterone replacement therapy by many patients and physicians alike.

As with most types of testosterone therapy products, the aim of testosterone injections is to increase testosterone levels until they are within what is considered a normal range. Injections may become necessary in situations where the ability of the body to produce testosterone naturally is either temporarily or permanently impaired. In most countries, the injections are only available with a prescription, making it necessary for a physician to evaluate the patient's condition and determine the correct dosage and frequency for the injections.


One of the main benefits associated with the use of testosterone injections is that a patient does not have to receive a treatment every day. This is in contrast to pills that may have to be taken anywhere from two to six times daily, or patches or creams that are administered once or twice daily. Depending on the exact type and strength of the injection, a treatment may not be required more than twice a month.

Even people who are normally uneasy with shots often find that the use of testosterone injections is more manageable than other treatment options. As the patient becomes more comfortable with the idea of the shots, it may be possible to administer the injections at home, with the approval of the attending physician. The ability to use pre-measured injection packets at home further adds to the convenience associated with this type of treatment for correcting a low testosterone level.

While very effective, there are some risks associated with the use of testosterone injections. Often, the formula for the injections includes the use of some type of natural oil, such as cottonseed or sesame oil. Some patients experience a mild allergic reaction to these oils, often manifested as a development of a rash around the point of injection. If the dosage is too strong, the individual may experience negative mood changes such as an increased level of irritability, insomnia, or a need to constantly be in motion. Adjusting the dosage will often minimize any side effects and allow the patient to continue using the testosterone injections.

In the event that a patient does experience side effects from the use of testosterone injections, there is a good chance that the physician will recommend a switch to one of the other treatments that are routinely used to increase the level of male hormones in the body. As with the injections, it is important to have a physician monitor the efficacy and progress of the treatments so the dosages can be adjusted when and as needed.


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Post 3

Middle age can be a cruel time of life! I rarely hear much about hormone replacement therapy for men, but that's pretty much what these injections are often used for.

That mid life crisis can have more severe effects than running out to buy a red sports car or a motorbike!

Low testosterone levels tend to be reflected in a slowing of the metabolism and muscle loss, as well as affecting your focus and general energy for life.

Post 2

@yumdelish - I don't know how old your friend is, but if she's close to the menopause then that would be a likely explanation.

Although the side effects of testosterone injections can be a problem, many women feel the benefits outweigh the potential negatives. Which woman wouldn't want less hot flashes, increased bone density and a stable sex drive?

Post 1

I was quite shocked when a female friend told me she is to start a course of special testosterone injections for women. I didn't like to ask her why exactly this had been prescribed, and to be honest I find it rather worrying.

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