What are Tattie Scones?

Mary McMahon

Tattie scones are a Scottish breakfast food made with mashed potatoes, flour, salt, and butter. You may also hear them called potato scones, and they are a popular item in Scotland, where they often appear as part of the traditional full Scottish breakfast. You can also see variations on tattie scones in Ireland, where they are better known as fadge or sometimes potato bread. In the United Kingdom, tattie scones are generally readily available; you can also make them at home quite easily.

Tattie scones are savory rather than sweet, but are often eaten with jam.
Tattie scones are savory rather than sweet, but are often eaten with jam.

The term “scone” is a bit misleading here, as it conjures up a fluffy, bready pastry which Americans think of as a biscuit. Tattie scones are more like oatcakes, being much thinner than scones, and made with a dough which cooks into a flexible sheet which can be eaten plain, rolled around a variety of ingredients, or used to sandwich things like cheese and jam. Tattie scones are also heavier than traditional scones, because they lack leavening.

Tattie scones are sometimes topped with melted cheese.
Tattie scones are sometimes topped with melted cheese.

To make tattie scones, cooks mix potatoes and flour in a roughly two to one ratio, adding in one third cup of melted butter for every cup of mashed potatoes, and a pinch of salt, creating a flexible but slightly stiff dough. The dough is classically rolled out and cut into rounds, which are fried either on a griddle or in a heavy pan on the stovetop. Before cooking, the tattie scones are pierced with several small holes to ensure that they cook all the way through, and after cooking, the rounds are cut into four quarters.

Other ingredients may be added to tattie scones for more texture and flavor. It is important to remember that these scones are naturally savory, rather than sweet, unlike many other breakfast pastries, so things like dried or candied fruit sometimes go awry in tattie scones, but cooks can add cooked oatmeal or cheese with success. Cheese also makes an excellent topping for tattie scones, especially when melted.

There's nothing to stop you from making tattie scones at other times of the day than breakfast, and they also make a decent cold lunch, especially when wrapped around ham, cheese, or other ingredients to make a sandwich. You can also toast tattie scones to revive their freshness, serving them with butter, cheese, or other toppings to choice.

Mashed potatoes are the chief ingredient in tattie scones.
Mashed potatoes are the chief ingredient in tattie scones.

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@SteamLouis-- I make tattie scones with instant mash potato mix. It's very easy and convenient and I personally think it tastes the same. So you don't have to wait for left over boiled potatoes to make this lovely breakfast food. You can make them in a jiffy if you use instant mash potatoes to make them.

Something else I like to do is add cheese and ham right in the dough. So the tattie scones become breakfast all by themselves and I pick up a couple in the morning and rush to the office.


@burcinc-- I like my tattie scones with eggs and beans. They also go great with sausage and eggs.

Tattie scones are basically eaten in place of regular bread or toast for breakfast. So any breakfast that calls for toast can be made with tattie scones instead. I think they are much better than regular bread or toast though with their buttery, potato bread flavor.

I usually make them when I have left over baked or boiled potatoes. So it's a great way to use up left overs for the next morning.


Tattie scones are delicious. They're one of my favorite breakfast foods. I like eating them plain or with cheese. Sometimes I have them with ketchup too which I know sounds strange but I like it.

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