What are Tae Bo&Reg; Bands?

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Tae Bo® bands are a kind of exercise equipment that consist of long elastic bands with handles on either end. The bands are used in combination with Tae Bo® exercise videos that include fitness instruction given by Billy Blanks, the fitness professional who developed Tae Bo®. Sometimes Tae Bo® bands are called "Billy Bands" in honor of Billy Blanks. The exercises that are performed as a part of Tae Bo® are a mixture of tae kwon do movements and kick boxing. Tae Bo® bands are used to add resistance to some of these exercises which helps to tone and build muscle.

These kinds of bands are sold in sets of two, one for each side of the body. Each band in the set has a different kind of handle on each end. One handle is simply a loop that is made out of the same kind of material as the rest of the band. The other end has a handle that includes a straight bar that is meant to fit in the palm of the hand during exercises.


There are various Tae Bo® exercises that use Tae Bo® bands. In many cases, the bands are anchored in place by the feet. The person using the bands usually wraps the loop ends of the bands around the arches of his feet. This helps to keep the bands in place while he completes exercises that incorporates the bands. For example, an exerciser might stand with the loops fitted around the arches of his feet with his legs spread apart, holding onto the handles. When he raises his hands over his head, the resistance caused by the Tae Bo® bands works the muscles in the arms, shoulders, and back.

There are also Tae Bo® exercise tapes and DVDs that do not require the bands as part of the exercise. Those that do often include the bands as part of a package that comes with the videos. For very fit people who are looking for an extra challenge, there are Tae Bo® bands that have weights fitted into the handles. This adds an extra dimension to the exercises that are performed using Tae Bo® bands. Using these sorts of Tae Bo® bands makes the exercises a bit more difficult but can also help people to lose more weight, gain more muscle, or just increase their overall levels of strength and fitness.


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