What Are Sugar-Free Marshmallows?

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Sugar-free marshmallows contain artificial sweeteners in place of sugar, so they are low-calorie alternatives to the regular spongy confections that many people enjoy. Like other varieties of sugar-free candies, these marshmallows are marketed as healthier marshmallows that also can benefit diabetics, who must regulate their sugar intake because of a lack of naturally occurring insulin. Although marshmallows have a unique consistency, sugar-free varieties maintain this texture and can be used to make all marshmallow dishes and recipes that call for regular marshmallows. Store-bought varieties are readily available, but sugar-free versions can be made quite easily at home.

Many diets advocate consuming fewer calories as way to lose weight. People who follow these diets might have difficulty finding low-calorie desserts, but sugar-free marshmallows offer these dieters a way to consume desserts without ingesting extra calories. These alternative marshmallows typically contain artificial sweeteners such as maltitol, isomalt, maltitol syrup or lactitol instead of sugar. As a result, dieters can put them in hot drinks or bake with them without breaking their low-calorie diets.

Diabetics are another group of people who must carefully regulate their sugar intake. Their lack of naturally occurring insulin makes it difficult for their bodies to turn glucose into fuel for the body. Many diabetics, therefore, will avoid marshmallows entirely. No-sugar marshmallows give diabetics the opportunity to enjoy desserts that they would not otherwise be able to eat, without worrying about the adverse symptoms that can occur when they consume sugar.


Cooks can use sugar-free marshmallows to make all the dishes that they would make with regular marshmallows. These include peanut butter marshmallow squares, chocolate marshmallow brownies and marshmallow bars. One of the most popular marshmallow dishes is the s'more. S'mores are roasted marshmallows and melted chocolate served between two graham crackers. They are typical camping treats or desserts, and they can be made just as easily with no-sugar marshmallows.

Bakers and pastry chefs can make sugar-free marshmallows themselves. Homemade marshmallows are made by combining unflavored gelatin, cold and boiling water, sugar replacement, vanilla extract, egg whites and flour or corn starch. The baker can use small glasses to form the mixture in the shape of marshmallows and can refrigerate them until they attain the proper consistency and texture. Homemade sugar-free marshmallows contain even fewer calories than store-bought varieties, so they might be better for dieters who are watching their calorie intake.


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Post 3

@discographer-- I think sugar-free marshmallows should be consumed in moderation as well. They're sugar-free, but they're not calorie free.

Post 2

@candyquilt-- Sugar-free marshmallows are a great alternative for regular marshmallows but I do recommend diabetics to limit its consumption.

I have diabetes too and I've noticed that sugar-free treats sweetened with "sugar alcohol" actually do affect my blood sugar. Technically, sugar alcohols are not supposed to have any affect on blood sugar because the body doesn't digest them. I don't know how this is possible but too many sugar-free snacks with sugar alcohol raises my sugar. I guess my body does actually digest some of it.

Just beware of this and keep an eye on your blood sugar after having sugar-free marshmallows. If your blood sugar is not affected, you can have them without worrying.

Post 1

I used to enjoy marshmallows before I was diagnosed with diabetes. After my diagnosis, one thing I was most sad about was missing out on treats like marshmallows. I was so happy when I discovered that there are sugar-free marshmallows!

I don't make desserts with them because I haven't really learned sugar-free baking yet. But I do have a few when I have a craving for something sweet. I had them with sugar-free hot chocolate the other night and the hot chocolate was delicious.

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