What Are Stuffed Chicken Wings?

T. Carrier

Stuffed chicken wings are cooked chicken pieces with a filling. The chicken meat typically comes from a portion of the bird's wing, thus the name, and it is usually not breaded. Any stuffing might consist of various combined ingredients, ranging from bits of vegetables and meat to noodles or bread pieces. In general, the filling for stuffed chicken wings is added after the bones have been removed.

Stuffed chicken wings contain no bones.
Stuffed chicken wings contain no bones.

The stuffing in a chicken wing can be comprised of several types of ingredients. Common components include vegetable bits and small pieces of other types of meat like pork or shrimp. Breading is another popular option for chicken filling. Often, several ingredients are combined together and mixed with sauces to provide extra flavor.

Peanuts often garnish chicken wings.
Peanuts often garnish chicken wings.

Different regions may have different takes on stuffed chicken wings. When the food is used in Asian cuisines such as Thai, for example, ingredients like noodles, seafood sauce, and a paste known as kroeung may be used. Other types may add discarded meat back into the stuffing as a ground or pureed forcemeat. In addition, spicy sauces or herbs can be applied to the outside of the chicken to create stuffed buffalo chicken wings.

The process of stuffing a chicken wing usually necessitates removal of any bones inside the chicken. Bones may be taken out with a sharp, small knife after the skin has been sliced and pulled back. The knife may be traced around each bone's top portion, after which the bones can be twisted out of the wing. A small amount of meat might also need removal to make room for the stuffing. The filling for a stuffing is usually placed into bone cavities.

Following removal of the bones, the cook will leave the chicken’s skin rolled out. Stuffing is manually placed into the chicken cavity by the cook. Amounts of stuffing may vary, with one or two teaspoons being a good average amount, as overstuffing can cause the stuffing to run out when cooking. After the chicken has been filled, the skin and meat are then closed and may be secured with a toothpick or other small device.

Cooking stuffed chicken wings often requires a combination of baking and frying. Baking in the oven for about 20 minutes will generally take place first. Following this process, the meat may be seasoned and fried. Garnishes might include sauces, peanuts, or parsley.

Other methods for cooking chicken can be used for stuffed chicken wings as well. Deep frying alone, for example, may create crispier and more flavorful wings. This procedure typically involves first steaming the wings for a few minutes, then dusting them with flour and placing in a fryer with hot oil. The wings may also be cooked outside on a grill, with cooking times varying based on the meat and the grill's capabilities.

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