What are Stilettos?

A Kaminsky

They take their name from the slender switchblade, but stilettos, plural, are very high-heeled shoes. Some think they are as powerful in their own way as their namesake weapon.

Stilettos shoes take their name from the switchblade.
Stilettos shoes take their name from the switchblade.

Stilettos may be pumps, slings or sandals, but they all have a slender high heel in common. The "stiletto" refers to the metal pin that runs the length of the heel, reinforcing it. The heel is usually at least three inches (7.62 cm) high, but the sky is the limit, especially when a toe platform is added.

Stilettos have very thin heels.
Stilettos have very thin heels.

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World War II brought a stolid, military feel to fashion, and the designers of the 1950s, such as Dior and his "New Look," took advantage of non-rationed fabrics to create billowing skirts and frothy blouses. Such creations demanded a shoe that was completely different from the chunky heels of the 40s. Shoe designer Roger Vivier responded with the stiletto.

Marilyn Monroe often wore stilettos.
Marilyn Monroe often wore stilettos.

In the 1950s, stilettos were usually pumps or slings and featured very, very pointed toes. Actresses such as Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield quickly discovered that these mile-high heels were 100 proof sexy, and their movies of the 50s and 60s show them tripping about in stilettos. Stilettos, because of their height, seem to elongate the leg, and a woman has to walk in a different way when wearing them. Her gait changes to a hip-swaying strut, so she can keep her balance. This strut draws men like bees to honey, and many men find a woman's sexiest article of clothing to be a pair of stilettos.

Considering the fact that podiatrists have warned for years that prolonged wearing of high heels can cause foot problems like bunions and hammer toe, one would think that their popularity would have declined. However, stilettos remain a popular part of women's fashion.

Stilettos are available in stores and on the Internet, in designer labels and knock-offs. Depending on the maker, they can cost from $20 US Dollars (USD) to over $1,200 USD. One notable pair encrusted with genuine diamonds retails for over $2 million USD.

Podiatrists warn that prolonged wearing of high heels can cause foot problems like bunions and hammer toe.
Podiatrists warn that prolonged wearing of high heels can cause foot problems like bunions and hammer toe.

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Stilettos do make your legs look great, but like Grivusangel, I can't wear them either. I wish I could. My legs always look great when I wear stilettos.

I always chuckle when I see one of the numbers from the musical "Kinky Boots," extolling the merits of stilettos: "The Sex is in the Heel." I guess there's some truth to that. They look great and I'd love to be one of the women who can wear them successfully. I had such confidence in a pair of high heels, but heel spurs have caused me to retire my stilettos. I don't wear any heels over about 2 inches these days. It's just too uncomfortable.


I can't do stilettos anymore. I haven't been able to wear them for years. I've sprained both ankles badly and have twisted a knee. This is not a good recipe for wearing really high heels.

A couple of years ago, nearly all my female co-workers were wearing mile-high stilettos. You could hear them coming down the hall a mile away.

One friend was having neck, back and shoulder problems and her doctor actually told her to lay off the high heels. She said the heels were making my friend cant her shoulders forward at an awkward angle, and it was causing neck and back strain. She stopped wearing the high heels and in about three or four days, the neck and shoulder pain were gone.

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