What are Stick Shift Knobs?

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Stick shift knobs are used in order to grip and move the shifter of a manual transmission. Such stick shift transmissions are most commonly found in cars and trucks, but can also be found in airborne, aquatic or similar vehicles. These knobs are used by the operator to control his vehicle by designating which gear the transmission should be running in.

In it's most common application, the stick shift knob is found in millions of automobiles all over the world. Many car and truck owners commonly decide to modify the appearance or performance of their automobile. In doing so, it is common to upgrade their factory stick shift knob with an after-market knob to better suit their taste. Many different styles of custom, aftermarket knobs exist and therefore the owner has wide array of styles from which to choose.


Since, stick shift knobs see almost as much use as the gas pedal, the driver may even desire to change the knob due to the design of its grip. Whatever the reason, many styles of shift knobs exist. Such styles include, but are not limited to: billiard ball (commonly an eight ball) knobs, small skull shaped knobs, leather wrapped knobs, aluminum knobs and even carbon fiber knobs. Some stick shift knobs even allow the consumer to wire it to the automobile's battery in order to activate lights housed within the knob. These lights provide a colorful and unique effect and help to distinguish the look of your interior from many of the other cars on the road.

Each of these custom knobs allows you to match your stick shift to your interior, show off your uniqueness or to customize your grip for a more comfortable and enjoyable ride. For whatever reason, upgrading your stick shift knob to an aftermarket custom knob is a great way to go.


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