What Are Spa Cosmetics?

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Spa cosmetics are makeup, skin care and personal care products that are used, and often sold, at spas. In some cases, spa cosmetics may be marketed as premium brands that are only sold through specific channels such as doctor's offices and spas. Cosmetics associated with a spa may also be private-label formulas that are produced by a third-party manufacturer and then labeled with the spa's logo and sold to its customers. The efficacy of spa cosmetics depends entirely on the formulation and the preferences and needs of a spa's clientele.

Many spas offer a variety of services that require the use of specific grooming, personal care and beauty products. Many spa owners are concerned about offering a unique experience to their clientele and prefer to use products that are not found in most retail stores. These products may be perceived by spa clientele as having special properties, which may not only encourage the client to revisit the spa, but to purchase products from the spa as well. This allows the spa to earn money from clients who may not be able to afford to undergo spa services on a regular basis, but can afford to purchase spa products instead of standard personal care products.


The manufacturers of some spa cosmetics brands specifically restrict the sales of their products to spas or other exclusive venues, such as high-end salons. These restrictions can influence the public to regard the products as exclusive and can increase the demand for, and the price of, a spa-sold product. It is also possible for a spa to increase the exclusivity of its products by purchasing them through a private label manufacturer. This allows the spa to sell its products under its own label, without disclosing the name of the product's actual manufacturer. In some cases, private label spa cosmetics may be custom formulations, but in other cases, private label products may simply be a stock formula, which is sold to many other companies, but marketed under a spa's own name.

There are many different types of spa cosmetics available, and in many cases, a spa will only sell those products that they use in spa services. This means that if a spa offers body masks or scrubs, it will likely sell the scrubs and masks to clients for home use. Similarly, spas that offer makeup services will often sell a full range of spa cosmetics including foundation, eye makeup and lip color.


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