What are Soundproof Curtains?

Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

Soundproof curtains are heavy-duty curtains and drapes that are constructed to minimize noise entering or exiting a given space. They are perhaps most commonly used in movie theaters. However, curtains of this type can also be used effectively in the home.

Soundproof curtains may be featured in movie theaters.
Soundproof curtains may be featured in movie theaters.

In appearance, a soundproof curtain may bear a strong resemblance to any type of lined curtain panel that is made from heavy material and lined in some manner. The material will hang in a similar manner and can be suspended with grommet hangers or simple hook and loop fastening hardware. These types of curtains are available in the same selections of colors and patterns as conventional drapery options.

Soundproof curtains are designed to minimize noise entering or exiting an area.
Soundproof curtains are designed to minimize noise entering or exiting an area.

What distinguishes soundproof curtains from standard draperies is the thickness of the material. It is not unusual for the curtains to feature a quilted construction that easily makes the panels anywhere from one to two inches thick. The quilting may appear on the backside of the panels or the curtains may be manufactured with quilting on both the front and back of the finished drapery panel. Some manufactures choose to sew weights into the bottom hem of the panels, making it possible for the curtains to resist movement caused by breezes or other factors.

Soundproof curtains do not so much repel noise as muffle and absorb sounds. While not offering the same level of soundproofing that is found with a combination of walls and soundproof insulation, the curtains can effectively reduce sounds and vibrations that would otherwise be distracting.

Around the house, soundproof curtains are helpful in any area where there is a need to control noise and echoing. For example, when a member of the household works the night shift, they can help reduce outside daytime noises a great deal. The quilted texture of the heavy curtains can also prevent daylight from entering the room.

Another home application of these curtains is with the design of a home theater. Installing the curtains on all the interior walls of the space will help to prevent echoing and other sound distortions while movies are played. Just as with public movie theaters, soundproof curtains in a home theater minimize outside noise while also absorbing ancillary noise within the space. As a result, it is much easier to enjoy the movie without distractions.

While it is true that soundproof curtains are more expensive than conventional lined draperies, they tend to wear well. In addition, the panels are usually treated so they are fire retardant. Cleaning the curtains can be accomplished with steam cleaning equipment. While the curtains are rarely available at home stores and similar outlets, retailers who deal in commercial furnishings often stock a few designs for the draperies. These retailers can also special order colors, designs, and levels of thickness that meet the needs of the client.

Soundproof curtains can be used to reduce outside sounds from coming into a home theater.
Soundproof curtains can be used to reduce outside sounds from coming into a home theater.
Malcolm Tatum
Malcolm Tatum

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If you still want the soundproof effect without ponying up for the theater curtains, there are several tips for getting a quieter room.

First, you can try to get regular curtains simply made of thicker materials, which can actually help a lot if the noise is not too bad.

They also offer soundproofing materials, so you can buy however much you need, be it less or more than a curtain, and tailor your soundproofing to your room.

Finally, if the noise is really bad, then you may want to go beyond soundproof curtains. The same companies that sell the soundproof curtains also offer soundproof windows and panels.

The panels can be a particularly good option for apartments, since the source of the noise is often through the wall, rather than the window.


Just a tip if you decide to invest in some soundproof curtains -- they also go by the name acoustical curtains and noise curtains.

By searching for the same thing by a different name, you can sometimes find a better deal, so do your homework and look around before you buy.

It can really save you a ton of money in specialized things like this.


I think that soundproof curtains and walls should be standard issues in college dorms!

Completely impractical, I know, but what college student hasn't been woken at three in the morning by the idiot next door?

It would make dorm life a thousand times better!

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