What are Some Ways to Wear Long Scarves?

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You can wear long scarves in so many different ways, though some of the methods advocated are not very stable and may require readjustment from time to time. Other ways to wear long scarves keep scarves securely in place and can add dash, color or contrast to the other things you’re wearing. In fact there are probably over 100 ways to show off your long scarves, so this article will focus on a few, but not all methods.

First, long scarves should be viewed as distinct from winter scarves. Winter scarves meant to keep neck and face warm, and even the head, usually aren’t well adapted to some of the methods described for thinner, decorative long scarves. Especially if your winter scarves are bulky knits are heavy wools, there are about three ways to wear them that make them most functional. Here are a few examples of how you can wear long scarves that are bulky and wintry.


  • Simply place the scarf evenly over the back of the neck and wrap one or both ends back around the front of the neck, or let the ends hang loose in front of your body.
  • Fold the scarf in two, place it evenly on the back of the neck and thread the loose ends through the fold in the front of the neck
  • Wrap the center of the scarf over the head, bring the ends of the scarf forward, then wrap each around the front of the neck and let the ends hang over your back.
  • If the scarf is wide enough, use it as a shawl and pin the ends in front to keep its place above or below the shoulders.

For long scarves made with much lighter material, you’ve got many more options in how to wear them. You can use long scarves that are sufficiently wide as shawls, pinned in front, or wear them on one shoulder, threaded through a belt to keep the scarf secure. There’s no reason why a long scarf can't double as a beautiful sash or belt. If the scarf is very long, position the very middle of the scarf at the front of the waist, and wrap the ends around until they meet the front of the waist. You can tie these securely or pin them.

A simple way to wear long scarves is simple to allow the ends to be loose or to wrap one end back around the neck. You can also tie a loose knot a few inches below the bottom of one end, and thread the other end of the scarf through it. You might want to look at scarf pins, some of them very beautiful, in which you can thread the scarf for greater security and less damage to delicate materials.

Don’t underestimate the use of scarves as ornaments for the hair. Long narrow oblongs make perfect headbands, and a long square scarf is ideal for protecting the hair from the elements. If you really love scarves, consider investing in a good book on scarf fashion so that you can come up with yet more ideas to showcase these beautiful accessories. Don’t forget to look online, where there are many sites that can give you pointers on how to wear long scarves.


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Post 4

A very great post!! Thumbs up! --scarf rings lover

Post 2

Sunshine31-I actually prefer men’s scarves because they are plain and simple. I do not like too much detail in the scarf because I feel that it takes away from my outfit.

For me, the plainer the scarf the better it is for me. Also, with men’s scarves you do not have to worry about them being too long like you do for women’s scarves.

Post 1

I love wearing shawls and scarves. Shawls are very fashionable and also keep you warm. I really prefer these to the plaid scarves that you wear around your neck and tucked into your coat.

Some women wear silk square scarves. I really don’t wear women’s silk scarves. These scarves can be worn with a long blouse and tied at the neck and fall forward. Sometimes beaded scarves can also make a fashion statement and accentuate a winter outfit.

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