What are Some Ways I can Make Elderly People Feel Needed?

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As people get older, some may start to feel like they are no longer needed in the lives of those around them. The elderly may be more prone to feeling this way, especially if they live away from their families. There are simple ways that you can help elderly people feel needed and acknowledged on a day to day basis.

Some elderly people may feel that no one wants to listen to them because of their age, but there are so many positive things that can be learned from someone that has lived a long and full life. One way to make elderly people feel needed is to have a simple conversation with them and really listen to what they say about what their life has been like. This can be an easy way to let them know that their life is interesting to you and that everything that they’ve been through is important and means something.


Another way to make elderly people feel needed is to ask them for recipes and cooking advice. Recipes and cooking techniques change over time and in some cases, the dishes from years ago taste even better then they do today. Consider asking an elderly person to go into the kitchen with you and show you how to make special dishes that they’ve learned to cook over the course of their life. Not only can you help make them feel needed, but you get the opportunity to spend quality time with good company and possibly improve your cooking skills as well.

You may want to consider taking the time to write a special letter letting your elderly loved one know how valuable they are to you. Few people take the opportunity to truly tell someone how significant they are in their life and not many people have the blessing of hearing it. A simple note of gratitude can go a long way in helping to make an elderly person that you love feel needed.

No one should have to feel like they aren’t needed, especially those in our society that should be revered for everything that they’ve been through and accomplished. Elderly people should feel like they are important in this world and an integral part in the lives of those around them. Taking the time to help make elderly people feel needed could make a big difference not only in their life but in yours as well.


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Post 14

One thing I have done is take a recording device and tape the stories of the elderly woman I visit. She loves it. Can you imagine how special it will be for her family when she passes away?

My grandmother did that, and to hear her tell about her childhood years after she is gone, to hear her voice, is the most amazing thing.

Post 10

I am looking for something to help my Aunt. Her daughter has completely taken over, although my aunt's mind is back from being very sick. I need something that explains that she should allow her mother to do the things she is able to do. I am a CNA but can't find what I am looking for.

Post 9

One thing you can do to help the elderly feel needed is create a sales venue for their hobbies. If an elderly person enjoys knitting, for example, ask them to make some simple items like baby bibs or blankets or caps. Other elderly people might paint or do woodworking or make candy. Whatever they do, someone somewhere can find a place to sell their work or donate it to charities or whatever.

I know a lot of older hobbyists who would create more products if only they had a way of distributing them afterward.

Post 6

Elderly people of a nation who are rich in experience. Instead of making our own mistakes, we can learn listening to the experience of old people. Elders are never hesitant in sharing their experiences. Go, sit with them and try to understand how the world has developed. You will find the past problems to which the technology gave solution and the elders are the eyewitnesses of the development.

Post 3

I love to talk to the elderly.

They are always so energized talking about their past, and they have so many stories to tell. I am the 10th child for my Mom, and while my siblings are too busy for her, I and one of my sisters who is spiritually inclined, love to listen to our Mom.

I cannot understand why some people feel the need to put their parents in senior homes. They are good company for our children, and have a lot of wisdom and good advice.

The kids of today need to be connected with the past. The simple life of the past is so much better for us than the one we work so hard for today, but have no time to appreciate.

If technology was meant to be a time saver, what has happened to all of our free time?

Post 1

i live in a elderly housing complex although i am old i can learn from their experiences. life for everyone takes different paths. when i listen to them i always keep close attention to what they say. the best way to learn is to keep your ears open and your mouth closed. that not only applies to seniors but to all. we can all contribute. it's called life experience which in my opinion is far greater than reading about.

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