What are Some Types of Assessment Tests?

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Assessment tests are simple and practical tests or evaluations that help to determine the skills, aptitude, and general abilities of an individual. There are a number of different settings in which an assessment test is utilized, ranging from grade school testing to assessments that have to do with job placement and even government benefits. Here are a few examples of the different types of assessment tests that an individual is likely to encounter during his or her lifetime.

Just about everyone will experience a few scholastic assessment tests over the years. The process often begins with an aptitude test while a child is still relatively young. These basic assessments help to identify the areas in which the child demonstrates strong ability as well as areas that the child is performing at average or below average level for the age and grade. Many school jurisdictions utilize the results of these tests in order to improve the curriculum and offer students a more comprehensive education.

Scholastic testing continues into higher learning situations. Colleges and universities make use of assessment tests taken prior to admission in order to ensure the student is qualified to enter a given course of study. These tests normally take place before the individual graduates from a high school but before receiving admission into a college or university.


As part of the preparation for entry into the work force, many students undergo what is known as a career assessment test. Tests of this type help to match the student’s knowledge base, talents, personality and individual preferences to possible career options. While these assessment tests are not foolproof, they can often help the individual consider career choices that he or she may not have thought of otherwise.

Once the formal education is completed, people are highly likely to be subject to an employment screening test. The actual configuration of these types of assessment tests will vary between employers as well as from one industry to another. Often, the employment tests seek to not only assess the amount of knowledge the applicant possesses, but also what type of people skills and work habits the applicant is likely to exhibit. In a sense, the employment screening test also acts as a placement test, in that it will help determine if the applicant is right for a particular position within the company.

Assessment testing does not end once the applicant lands that first job. Throughout the course of any career, there will be opportunities for advancement. Often, assessment tests of some kind are utilized to determine if the individual has the skills and knowledge necessary to secure a promotion. One of the benefits of these tests is that the employee can use the results to identify areas where there is a need to broaden the skill set and knowledge base in order to earn a promotion at a later date.

There are many other types of assessment tests that an individual is likely to encounter over the years. Physical fitness testing is often necessary before being allowed to compete in sporting events. Assessments are usually conducted to ensure that a citizen meets the requirements for admission into some type of support program offered by a government agency. Clubs and similar organizations normally assess potential members before allow the applicants to join. Regardless of the setting, there is a good chance that some type of assessment or screening test will take place.


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Post 2

Mutsy - I took that test once. It was kind of fun. I also have to say that many private schools offer math assessment tests along with reading assessment tests in order to determine if the child has adequate knowledge to function in the school.

These schools cannot rely on report cards because the curriculum taught is not the same in all schools. A student might come from a school that offers grade level courses while another school might offer a more accelerated curriculum.

For example, my children go to a private school in which the math and most of the curriculum is taught at the next grade level. So if my daughter is in 4th grade she would actually be doing 5th grade work.

Many of the competitive schools are designed this way which is why they have to have the skills assessments tests in the first place.

Post 1

I know that many companies offer personality assessment tests in order to predict if a candidate might be compatible with the organization's goals.

The Myers-Briggs assessment is a test that determines what your dominate personality characteristics are by the way you answer the questions.

There are no wrong or right answers but if an organization is looking for a take charge leader they will want someone that scored primarily in the D category.

The D stands for directive, and this is a person that will always get people to produce the results that the company is looking for. This type of person is goal oriented and motivated to work. The only downfall is that this person might be a bit abrasive at times but will definitely produce results.

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