What are Some Tutoring Services?

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Students who are struggling in school or just need additional assistance in order to achieve or maintain good grades may find one of several tutoring services useful. Tutoring services offer individual attention to students so that they can improve in basic academic subjects such as reading, writing, mathematics, science, or social studies. Whether a student needs to improve her SAT scores or needs help understanding Algebra II, a tutor from a tutoring service can help her achieve her academic goals.

The Sylvan Learning Center® is a well-known tutoring service that provides tutoring to students of all ages and abilities. Sylvan Learning® first opened its doors in 1979. The Sylvan Learning Center® is convinced that its tutoring program works because it strives to ensure that each student develops the skills and good study habits a person needs in order to succeed academically.

The tutors at Sylvan® administer a skills assessment to each student in order to determine a child's learning style and subject areas in which the student needs additional help. Throughout the tutoring process, tutors keep records of a child's progress. Each student receives a personalized learning plan, tailored toward her goals and specific needs. Parents receive regular progress reports and conferences with tutors so that they are made aware of their child's progress. When looking for tutoring services, some parents consider this company to get their children the help they need.


Tutoring services can be found in other agencies as well. For example, the Huntington Learning Center ® also provides students with individual attention. It offers individual learning programs and diagnostic testing to ensure that students have the best chance of success.

The learning center was founded in 1977 and helps kids between the ages of five and 17 improve their performance in the classroom and on tests. Huntington boasts hundreds of locations around the U.S. Students are tutored in a variety of subjects including math, writing, reading, study skills, phonics, college-entrance exam preparation, and more.

Huntington Learning Center® states that its goal is to provide children with a long-lasting education, not just fill their heads with facts. It wants to help children master valuable skills so that they can progress to more challenging material. Huntington strives to provide children with the tools they need to learn and solve problems on their own.

Kumon® provides tutoring services to children throughout their multiple locations around the U.S. Kumon® states that its goal is to help students master the basics of reading and math, improve their study habits and concentration, increase students' self-confidence, and perform to the best of their abilities. The founder of this program was Toru Kumon®, a parent and teacher. Kumon® operates 1,500 learning centers in North America but also operates centers in 44 countries.

When a student attends a Kumon® learning center, she takes a placement test in order to determine her academic skill level. Kumon® assignments and lessons build on each other, allowing a student to naturally progress to more challenging material. The majority of Kumon® students attend classes twice a week. They are responsible for completing work assigned by Kumon® during days they do not attend classes. The assignments generally require only 20 minutes to complete each day.


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