What are Some Tourist Attractions in Seattle?

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Tourist attractions in Seattle are many and varied. From the classic Seattle Underground to the high-tech Space Needle, Seattle is home to some interesting stops for visitors. Known as the Emerald City or the Gateway to Alaska, Seattle is home to over half a million people and one of the largest urban concentrations on the West Coast. Many of the tourist attractions in Seattle have to do with things like coffee houses and live-music bars. Locals refer to Seattle as the "coffee city," an allusion to the area's many coffee roasters and coffee companies. Starbucks was founded in Seattle in the 1970s.

For those looking for tourist attractions in Seattle beyond the typical, the city offers a multitude of options. The Space Needle is Seattle's most famous sight, taking over the coastline on Volunteer Park. The tower, which tops at 605 feet (184 m), is one of the most visited attractions in Seattle because of its impressive observation deck.


Of all the tourist attractions in Seattle, one of the best known may be the Seattle International Film Festival, held every year for 24 days, starting in May. The festival attracts almost 200,000 visitors annually. Book fairs, alternative music concerts, and Seafair events are also popular. The Woodland Park Zoo is another one of the important tourist attractions in Seattle. The 92 acres (0.37 kmĀ²) park is known because of its award-winning exhibits that mimic natural habitats almost to perfection. Many of the exhibitions are immersion-type, which means visitors get a chance to walk through areas imitating the look and feel of a rain forest or the African Savanna.

One of the tourist attractions in Seattle that is sometimes missed by first-time visitors is the Center for Wooden Boats, which houses a collection of small vessels, including rowboats and historical sailboats. Visitors can also learn to sail, explore historical documents, or take part in several workshops. The Museum of Flight is also a great stop in Seattle. The museum's large collection includes everything from the Boeing 747 prototype to human-powered aircraft.

Other great tourist attractions in Seattle include the Seattle Center Monorail, the Pike Place Market, and the Romanesque Revival Town Hall. Visitors may also want to stroll downtown for a look to the many music halls and art centers.


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