What are Some Tips for Visiting an Amusement Park?

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Visiting an amusement park can be a fun, exciting trip for people of all ages. To make sure that your amusement park vacation is the most fun possible, spend a little time to plan ahead before you go. Your amusement park adventure will be even more enjoyable, and less stressful, if you keep a few tips in mind.

Before you visit an amusement park, it's a good idea to decide which of the attractions you most want to see. In order to see and do everything in an amusement park, you will likely need to spend at least two or three days. If your trip is shorter, you will need to prioritize which rides and attractions are most important, so that you don't miss any of your favorites.

Most amusement parks have a website with valuable information, including park hours, a list of rides and attractions, and a park map. You will be able to get a map of the amusement park when you arrive, but if you print one out ahead of time, you will be able to better plan your day at the park. Deciding ahead of time which areas to visit, and in which order, will give you more time to relax and enjoy the day when your get to the park.


During your planning phase, figure out what you might need while you're at the amusement park. Make sure to wear appropriate clothes for the weather. If it will be hot, light clothes are appropriate. You may want to bring a hat or visor, but be careful not to lose it on the rides. Sunscreen is a must any time of year. If you plan to stay into the evening, a sweatshirt or light jacket may be necessary, even if it's warm during the day.

Once you are in the amusement park, it's time to have fun. Plan on waiting in line, and bring something to make the time pass quickly. Some people bring travel games, word puzzles, or even a yo-yo to pass the time waiting in lines. Many amusement parks have line-pass features, which allow you to get into rides earlier by planning ahead and picking up a pass before you want to ride. Take advantage of this option if it is offered, as it will easily allow you to fit a few more rides into your day at the amusement park.

If you want to see a show or fireworks display, try to arrive early. Good seating usually goes fast, and if you have children, they may have trouble seeing over the heads of tall adults in front. On the other hand, if your main goal is the amusement park rides, lines will be shorter during the shows, as many people wait for the fireworks or parade. This is a good time to get in line for a popular ride, which might have a very long line any other time. Early morning and just before closing are also good times to ride the popular rides, since fewer people will be in the park.

Every trip to the amusement park should be a good time, but with the right planning, your vacation will be less stressful and more fun. Keep yourself entertained in lines, plan your route so you get the most done in each area, and ride the most popular rides when the lines are shortest, and your time in the amusement park will be doubly rewarding.


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My best tip is to take advantage of less popular rides. While everyone else is standing in line to ride the newest roller coaster or thrill ride, I'll spend my time riding older rides like the Scrambler and the Tilt-O-Whirl. Sometimes an older ride like the Witches' Wheel or Rotor is more fun than the new stuff, and the lines aren't nearly as long.

Post 2

I've heard some amusement parks will suggest the best times to ride different rides. The popular roller coasters, for example, might not be so busy at night or early in the morning. Water rides tend to get busier during hot afternoons. That might be the best time to visit indoor attractions, like IMAX movies or live theater shows.

I've also noticed that some ride operators will seek out anyone going solo, because they don't like to send out cars with empty spaces during peak hours.

Post 1

Whenever my church group went to an amusement park, we'd pick several times throughout the day to meet up at a specific location, like a picnic pavilion. It was a good way to meet up and possibly switch ride partners. However, the time could also prove to be a little inconvenient if I was stuck in a line for a popular ride. I think families should pick one time during the day to touch base, not two or three.

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