What are Some Tips for Reducing Lip Wrinkles?

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Lip wrinkles are creases on or around the mouth that some people find to be problematic or unattractive. Caused by a variety of lifestyle and health factors, they can make the mouth appear smaller or seem to be sagging, and can make the application of makeup such as lipstick difficult. There are many treatments available to reduce or remove wrinkles from around the lips, from simple home remedies to serious cosmetic surgery.

As with most skin issues, prevention is key to avoiding lip wrinkles. The skin that makes up the lips and surrounds the mouth is exceptionally delicate and susceptible to damage. Many people do not think of protecting their lips from the sun, but using a sunscreen-filled lip balm may help prevent skin damage and subsequent wrinkles. Smoking is considered a major wrinkle-causing factor, and should be avoided. Additionally, ensuring proper hydration and nutrition can prevent the skin from losing elasticity and natural collagen, the lack of which leads to lip wrinkles.

If lip wrinkles are mild, consider using home remedies before trying anything more drastic. Anointing the lips with almond, coconut, or olive oil can help improve the appearance and restore needed moisture. Vitamin E can also be important in reducing or removing mild lines and wrinkles, so consider applying a liquid solution of the vitamin every day.


Over-the-counter problems may help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and restore the lips to natural plumpness. Retinol-based creams deliver a powerful dose of Vitamin A to the skin, encouraging cellular turnover that is lost with age or damage. Lip-plumping glosses, balms, and lipsticks are also popular. These products use natural stimulants to cause the lips to puff or swell slightly, giving the temporary appearance of a fuller mouth.

Several types of injections can help remove lip wrinkles, although they may occasionally require additional treatments. Collagen can be injected into the lips to improve size and diminish sagging or shrinking of the lip area. Botox® may also be used to treat wrinkles around the mouth, causing the muscles to relax and release wrinkles that are caused by repetitive movement, such as laugh lines. Both types of injections can have potentially serious side effects and should only be administered by a qualified cosmetic physician.

Some cosmetic surgery is also available to correct lip wrinkles. Laser treatments can burn off the upper layers of skin, promoting healthy regeneration without wrinkles. Some experimental treatments combine laser resurfacing with dermabrasion, resulting in more skin being removed to address deeper-set wrinkles. As with any surgery, there are serious risks, and procedures should be carefully evaluated and conducted under qualified supervision.


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Post 2

@BrickBack - I know what you mean. I think that the same could be said about the eyes. Eye wrinkles are the first wrinkles that are removed when someone gets cosmetic work done.

If the person does too much work they do look weird. I think that if you use lip balm after you exfoliate your skin on your lip area you will have smoother lips.

Also if you use foundation and put loose power over your lip area and use a lip pencil with matte lipstick, the lipstick won’t bleed as much and won’t accentuate the lip wrinkles.

If you have lip wrinkles then I would avoid glossy lip stick or lip gloss because this type of lipstick will bleed. At this that has been my experience.

Post 1

What I hate about my upper lip wrinkles is when my lipstick bleeds. It really accentuates the wrinkles. I have bought some wrinkle creams that exfoliate the skin and soften the lining around my mouth, but I don’t use it enough to actually see some visible results.

I know that there are cosmetic treatments for it but I am always afraid that my lip area won’t look natural. I have seen what some people look like that have had lip injections and I am afraid of getting that done.

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