What are Some Things to do on Catalina Island, California?

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Catalina Island, California is known as a delightful and romantic getaway destination that was once owned by the chewing gum entrepreneur, William Wrigley, Jr. It can be reached by boat from Marina Del Rey, Newport Beach, Long Beach, San Pedro and Dana Point. Relaxing on the beach, engaging in water sports and touring Avalon are just some of the fun things to do on Catalina Island.

Avalon is Catalina Island's main attraction locale. It has a distinctive round casino building called the Wrigley Casino that is designed in an Art Deco style. What sets this casino apart from many others is that there is no gambling here! Another great Catalina Island building styled in Art Deco is the interior of the Avalon Theater. The decor features murals of Catalina and watching a film here is one of the most popular things to do in Catalina for those who want to get out of the sun for a while.

When it's time to head back to the beach, the Casino Point Underwater Dive Park, located right near the Wrigley Casino Building, is a great place for snorkeling and viewing California sea life. Taking scuba diving lessons and renting kayaks are popular things to do on Catalina Island. Catalina Island beaches are also great places just to do nothing and relax. You can also browse the many small shops and check out the many restaurants and outside eateries in Avalon.


The Catalina Country Club has a nine-hole golf course that offers not only golfing, but horseback riding and other things to do on Catalina Island depending on the season. Since cars are strictly limited on Catalina Island, golf carts also serve as handy forms of transportation here. The sight of people getting around Catalina on golf carts adds to the whimsical and welcoming appeal of the Island.

Hiking and walking are good ways to see Avalon and if you get tired you may be able to ride the town trolley. Taking a tour is one of the most scenic things to do on Catalina Island and you can see a buffalo herd and the El Rancho Escondido. There are many interesting plants and flowers to see at the Wrigley Botanical Gardens and the Wrigley Memorial offers ocean views as well as vistas of Avalon. You can also consider taking a glass-bottomed boat tour in the waters surrounding Catalina Island and enjoy views of the sea life below.


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Post 6

Who is the owner of The Catalina Canyon Resort and Spa?

Post 5

When my husband and I were looking for a nice, romantic getaway, we decided to try Catalina Island. The sad thing is that both of us have lived in California for most of our lives, and neither one of us had ever been there before.

We got over to the island by a ferry, and ended up staying two nights at the Catalina Canyon Resort. The second I stepped foot on the island, I wondered what took me so long to visit.

We rented some electric bikes so we could tour the island at our leisure. They have great maps you can follow and many interesting places to stop and relax. This was a really fun way to

see the island up close.

We both like to snorkel, so also took a few hours for that. There are so many wonderful places to eat, it was hard to narrow it down to one or two.

If this is some place you are planning to visit, I would recommend you spend some time researching everything there is to do before you go. But whatever you decide to do, you have a wonderful time.

Post 4

When we were visiting family in San Diego, they recommended we take a trip over to Catalina Island. This was ended up being a highlight of our visit.

Even though the coast of California is beautiful, there is something about escaping to an island where you are surrounded by water and beauty. This is a very charming, romantic place where I would love to return and spend more time.

We just had time for a quick day trip, so bought a Catalina package that included a wild dolphin excursion. Even if this was the only thing we had done, it would have been worth it.

This left us with some time to explore some of the exquisite

boutiques and have a great meal at one of the restaurants.

You really did feel like you were in another world, and there was so much more to see and do, that I look forward to our next visit to this beautiful island.

Post 3

There are some great Catalina cruises available if you take a look at some of the last minute deals on travel sites. My girlfriend and I were able to get a Catalina island travel package for a weekend quite cheaply by monitoring a few online travel sites.

We loved the Catalina island vacation package we found because it covered a ferry ride to the island, a day long cruise, and a stay at the gorgeous Catalina Island resort we found. The Catalina Canyon Resort & Spa offers a great pool in a lovely location, as well as all of the services you would expect from a higher end hotel. I say keep your eye out for Catalina packages and you'll be surprised at the deals you can grab.

Post 2

@popcorn - Have you or your wife ever watched The Bacherlorette finale? The couple ended up on Catalina island for a romantic getaway, and there are tours where you can recreate the experience. We tagged one on to our romantic vacation and it was a ton of fun.

My husband and I stayed at the New Pavilion Hotel with a package that included dinner, a movie, and for a bit of excitement - a zip line eco tour. As far as spas go, there are plenty around and same goes for water sport companies. If I remember correctly it was cheapest for us to piece together our own package and just do what we really wanted to.

Post 1

Does anyone know of any Catalina island package tours that might appeal to a newlywed couple?

My wife and I just moved near Long Beach and we have heard that Catalina Island is quite beautiful. We have been wondering if there are any Catalina Island vacation packages that might cater to romance, while still offering some excitement.

I love water sports, and my wife enjoys the spa. So, if we could have these things in a Catalina vacation it would be a great place to go, as were close enough now. Also, if anyone can recommend Catalina lodging that would be great.

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