What are Some Things to do in Sausalito, California?

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If you're looking for laid back activities in a beautiful waterfront setting of calming charm, you'll find plenty of wonderful things to do in Sausalito, California. Sausalito is located right beside the San Francisco Bay, north of the Golden Gate Bridge. Walking by the waterfront, visiting the San Francisco Bay Model and the Discovery Museum and shopping and browsing the stores on Bridgeway Avenue are just some of the most popular things to do in Sausalito.

Sausalito can be reached by ferry from San Francisco. Walking beside the Mediterranean-like harbor full of multi-colored boats is a great way to tour the city. You can tour the Sausalito waterfront by foot on a pleasant path. If it's not too foggy, it's possible to get excellent views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Angel Island and San Francisco as well as the Bay.


Self-touring the large San Francisco Bay Model created by the Army Corps of Engineers is one of the most interesting and educational things to do in Sausalito. This indoor, three-dimensional model of the San Francisco Bay and Delta is one of the world's largest scale models. It was used by the Army Corps of Engineers to test weather conditions and how the use of the shoreline environmentally affects the Bay area. The model is based on the area's tides, river inflows and currents. The attraction is free, includes information in five languages and also features a display of San Francisco's Liberty Ships built in World War II.

Visiting the Bay Area Discovery Museum in Fort Baker is often one of the most favorite things to do in Sausalito for families with children under nine. The Museum has interactive art and science exhibits that are both indoors and outdoors. The Discovery Museum offers child-friendly information about the San Francisco Bay as well as experiments in activities such as creative art projects, a maze and much more. Performances, festivals and workshops are also available at the Museum at scheduled times throughout the year.

Bridgeway Avenue is a popular shopping district that has art galleries and souvenir stores as well as clothing stores and gift shops. The focus is on creative items and artwork including jewelry and glass sculptures. Bridgeway Avenue is also known for its unique clothing shops such as Crazy Shirts. Crazy Shirts is known for having t-shirts made from all-natural dyes that include extractions of items such as chocolate, sunflower, key lime and lavender as well as more offbeat sources such as money, beer and volcanic ash. You'll also find many restaurants and outdoor cafes on Bridgeway.


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