What are Some Styrofoam&Trade; Crafts?

Koren Allen

Styrofoam™ is a brand name for craft items made from polystyrene foam, which is molded into various different shapes and sizes. Other foam products are often referred to as Styrofoam™ but are not actually Styrofoam™ brand. Foam products can be used as packaging for fragile items, and foam is often used to make plates, cups and bowls because of its strength and thermal qualities. For crafting, you can use foam specifically made for crafting, or recycle other types of foam products. Strong, lightweight, and versatile, Styrofoam™ craft projects are as endless as your imagination. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Pipe cleaners come in a variety of colors and can be used in many crafts.
Pipe cleaners come in a variety of colors and can be used in many crafts.

Styrofoam™ is most commonly found in ball, cone, and block shapes, but other holiday shapes, such as eggs and hearts, can be purchased seasonally. The foam provides the basic shape and structure of the item you are creating. Think of it as the skeleton of your project. It can be covered with fabric, paper, or paint, but be sure to use acrylic or other types of paint that are safe for foam. It also bonds with most types of craft glue, and the lightweight and open structure of the foam is perfect for securing stems in your floral designs.

Seashells can be used to cover Styrofoam sculptures for added interest.
Seashells can be used to cover Styrofoam sculptures for added interest.

Many people remember using Styrofoam™ balls to construct a model of the solar system when they were children. Styrofoam™ balls can be purchased in many different sizes. Cover them with ribbon or paper for cheerful holiday ornaments, or create decorative home accents by covering the surface with moss, glass rocks, seashells or beads. Cone shapes can be stylish flower holders that you can match to your curtain or upholstery fabrics, creating a stylish designer look for your home.

Another common Styrofoam™ craft uses wreath shapes which are usually available year-round at craft or retail stores. The possibilities are endless; wreaths for any season or holiday can be hung on a wall or door, or can lay flat for an attractive table display. Embellish your wreath with flowers, foliage, miniature flags, dangling beads, tiny dolls or bears. Add ribbon or lace for a beautiful finishing touch.

For a more challenging project, why not try Styrofoam™ sculpture? Create the basic shape of your sculpture by attaching foam pieces in various shapes and sizes. Foam is easy to cut into desired shapes with scissors or a sharp knife. The pieces can be attached to each other using toothpicks, glue, or string. The form can then be covered with crafting plaster and textured. After it dries, paint or decorate it however you like, and you have created your own artistic masterpiece.

Many recycling centers will not accept foam items such as meat and fruit trays or foam egg cartons. Crafting is an excellent way to "go green" and reuse these products. Be sure they are cleaned thoroughly with soap and water before crafting. You can use cookie cutters to cut whimsical shapes from flat pieces of foam. Larger blocks of packing foam can be covered with fabric to create an artistic, modern wall display. Look around your home and you are sure to come up with your own Styrofoam™ crafts ideas.

Many types of crafts use wool yarn.
Many types of crafts use wool yarn.

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@rundocuri- That sounds like a fun idea for decorating. It reminds me of using Styromfoam cups as kids to make flower pots. This is a good craft idea for kids, because they can use their imagination to paint and decorate the cups, then use them for flowers or trinkets.


I like to take Styrofoam balls and cones and place them in a variety of decorative vases. Next, I place different colored artificial flowers in them to make beautiful bouquets. This is an inexpensive way to brighten up a room with flowers that will last forever.

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